We would like to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas. Christmas is an exciting time, but is also very tiring for those that put in the extra work organising the festivities.

Christmas TreeIt’s not only excited children that don’t sleep on Christmas Eve, but parents with racing minds and those with old and uncomfortable beds, mattresses and bedding. All too often we tolerate a lumpy, dipping or sagging mattress for too long. The discomfort causes broken and poor sleep quality and this isn’t just at Christmas. Poor sleep doesn’t do anyone any good, adults and children alike.

If you have children, do you sometimes find them still awake at midnight and into the early hours, even though they might have school in the morning? When they eventually wake up do they complain of being unwell? A study published in the Journal of Sleep Research confirms what many of us have long suspected: too little sleep can cause sickness.

Did you know that:-

  • A sleep-deprived child may appear the opposite of sleepy so much so that they are often misdiagnosed with an attention deficit disorder.
  • Sleep has a major impact on children’s physical and mental development and growth.
  • Parents often fail to realise the importance of good sleep for their children’s heath.
  • Research shows that children who do not sleep as much as they should are smaller than normal.
  • Source: The Guardian

So next time you tuck your child up in bed, take the time to check the quality of their mattress and remember that our Bed Sale starts on Boxing Day. Happy Christmas.