These days there seems to be an app for everything. May it be to track your finances, plan your wedding or even to catch some Pokemon, smartphone apps are made to make our lives simpler and more fun. But can an app really help improve how well you sleep at night? And with hundreds of apps on the market how can you really tell which one’s work and which apps offer what you personally need to get to sleep?

A good night’s sleep is essential for our health and well-being. When we start to miss out on sleep we open our bodies up to poor mental capacity, stress and even make ourselves more susceptible to heart disease and type 2 diabetes. However, getting to sleep at night isn’t as easy as closing your eyes and counting sheep for everyone – indeed some people can struggle to get to sleep almost every night meaning every day is a constant, tired struggle.

Sleep Cycle Monitoring AppYet can an app fix this sleep struggle? Well it appears these apps can indeed get you to sleep easier, but you’ll have to test out which particular kind of app works best for you:

White Noise Apps

If you have trouble falling to sleep at night, then a white noise or sound app might be the help you need for a good night’s sleep. These apps work by playing a steady, calming noise that helps distract busy, stressful brains from their thoughts. It can also help mask distracting outdoor noises such as city traffic. Be warned though, you have to listen to different tracks at night in order for the app to work properly because if you play a familiar track your brain will follow the track and predict what’s coming next, which will keep you awake.

Sleep Cycle Monitoring App

We all hate that moment in the morning when the alarm goes. No matter how early you get to bed it always feels like you could do with a few extra hours sleep. What you really need is that feeling you get on the weekend when you wake up naturally. With a sleep cycle monitoring app, this will monitor your sleep cycle and wake you when you are in the lightest phase of sleep as this is when you will feel most relaxed and rested.

Keep in mind though, your smartphone might not always be able to accurately determine your sleep cycle so might still find yourself been woken from REM.

Journaling Apps

Journaling apps allow you to put a finger on what causes a poor night’s sleep by allowing you to see a pattern in what keeps you up at night. This app will record information such as diet, energy levels and exercise for that day as well as anything that happened that day which might affect your sleep such as work stresses.

However, journaling can become quite obsessive and detrimental to your sleep as well. If you become obsessed with every little thing that could disturb your sleep, then it can make you freak out about little things that might affect your sleep.

Apps might seem like a cure for a bad night’s sleep but they are little more than a quick fix. Instead try to improve diet and your mental health before resorting to these apps. Small changes in your lifestyle is much more likely to improve your sleep than an app can. 

But if your bed is old and uncomfortable, no number of apps and changes of diet are going to help. You need to be looking at buying yourself something new. But where do you begin. Well if you live within travelling distance of Burgess Hill, West Sussex, you would be well advised to pay our showroom a visit. We have a very knowledgeable team who can give you expert advice on a great range of Dunlopillo, Hypnos, Relyon, Sealy and Silentnight beds and mattresses.

Dunlopillo Signature Collection

Choose from 3 qualities of resilient natural latex with either a medium of firm feel. Dunlopillo mattresses provide the best possible support and a luxurious sleeping environment. Being a natural product latex helps regulate your body temperature to ensure the best possible night’s sleep all year round.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect mattress, you’ll need the perfect base. Choose from a sprung edge divan or a sprung timber for a firmer feel. For improved comfort, there are adjusters in the lumbar region which enable you to alter the feel. Press them together to make the bed feel softer. As with most divan bases, there’s a range of upholstery fabrics, choice of storage options and of course matching headboards.

Hypnos New Orthocare Collection

This range of naturally filled pocket sprung mattresses is an absolute winner. Four beds make up this range, each with a choice of firm or extra firm tension. Each mattress is crammed with the finest natural fillings available. Choose from wool, silk, cashmere, natural hair, alpaca and latex. Although the New Orthocare mattresses are no-turn, regular rotation is required to ensure the best possible performance. To make life easier, Hypnos flag stitch 2 heavy duty fabric handles to each side of a double or kingsize mattress.

Relyon Dreamworld Royal Options Collection

The Relyon Royal Bath Pocket 2000 and Royal Edinburgh Pocket 1400 are an example of 2 superb handcrafted beds that we have in our showroom. Each mattress is naturally filled and two sided. Unlike the Hypnos Orthocare Collection, these Relyon mattresses require regular turning. They are available with soft, medium and firm springs to ensure you enjoy the perfect support. The sprung edge or padded top divan bases can be upholstered to match a stunning range of tradition strutted and floor standing headboards.

Sealy Pillow Tops

Sealy invest heavily in research and designing beds that support and give you correct spinal alignment. The use of smart fibres gives a hypo allergenic mattress that helps to keep you cool and dry. The pillow tops add a feeling of luxury to the beds. The Sealy Messina Pocket 1400 is as the name suggests, a pocket sprung model with a 7-zone pocket spring system. The Sealy Rowan Posture Zone 7 features the open coil PostureTech 620 spring system with all the benefits of the Messina.

Silentnight Geltex Collection

Geltex is the next generation memory foam. The open cell structure makes for a great night’s sleep as it is breathable and allows air to circulate. Just try one out in our showroom and you will immediately notice they feel cool to touch. The Mirapocket 2000 Geltrex Topaz is a lovely medium soft mattress. For those that prefer something firmer, the Mirapocket 1000 Geltex Ruby is well worth a look as it has a medium feel.

Once you’ve found your perfect mattress, all you need to do is decide on the base and upholstery. 

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