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We’re often being warned about the dangers of using our technology late at night. Whether it’s our tablets, our phones or even working late on our laptops – all of these emit a bright blue light that puts our melatonin levels off and can make it hard for you to get to sleep at night. Which is exactly why companies like Apple have added a “Night Shift” update to their products. This allows users to switch to a night-friendly screen that uses colours on the warmer side of the spectrum and avoids that disruptive blue light meaning you can happily play on your iPad without losing sleep.

Yet, is our technology the only thing in our home that emits this blue light? Well no, depending on what type of lightbulbs you use, you might be subjecting yourself to blue light even if you avoid your technology at night, but which bulbs are the worst?

Light-Bulb-Sleep-Better-350Light-Emitting Diode Bulbs (LEDs)

Over the last few years LEDs have become very popular in our households. Whether it’s funky coloured lights under our kitchen cabinets, spotlights in our bathrooms or just a fashionable bulb for a lamb – there’s no denying that an LED is often top of our bulb shopping list. And, as well as being fashionable, LEDs also use around 75% less energy than our traditional bulbs meaning they can last a lot longer for only a slightly more expensive price. However, LEDs produce a significant amount of blue light in comparison so if you spend your evenings with an LED bulb on nearby this will mess with your melatonin signals.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFBs)

Similar to LEDs, CFBs have become popular due to their energy efficiency – this is a bulb that will last you roughly ten times longer than a traditional bulb. Yet, also similar to LEDs, they emit a large amount of blue light in comparison. True, they might be environmentally friendly, but you must also keep your sleep well-being in mind too. Try to keep these away from areas you spend time in at night or, at least, turn them off at least 2 hours before you want to sleep.

Incandescent Bulbs

Recently, incandescent bulbs have fallen out of favour due to the fact they’re not particularly energy efficient and last only around 1000 hours. They are, however, pretty cheap and give off a soft-white light that is the second best lightbulb you can use to avoid blue light. Indeed, only a red bulb emits less blue light than an incandescent bulb, but very few people are going to want to sit in a bedroom bathed in red light. What you can do though if you’d light a little sleep-inducing red light, is add red fairy or Christmas lights around your bed. This can look decorative and be useful for your sleep if you turn them on before bed.

Halogen Bulbs

Keep in mind that although halogen bulbs look similar to incandescent bulbs, these are almost as bad for your sleep as LEDs or CFBs. This is because halogen light bulbs give off a bright white light that is very similar to daylight, making your body feel like it’s time to be awake and alert, rather than sleepy and ready for bed.

You might not associate a good night’s sleep with the type of lighting you use, but more and more research is pointing to bulbs and technology interrupting our sleep through exposure to blue light. If you do find sleep difficult it is important to have a look at your bulbs and make the necessary changes. You might just be surprised at the positive difference it makes.

Now we know that there are some light bulbs that can help. But to ensure the best possible sleep you need a mattress that can help you sleep better.

12-Questions-for-new-bedThe Sleep Council have a check list of 12 questions. Answer yes to 5 of them and it’s high time you bought a new bed. So what do we recommend? We have great range of beds and mattresses from all the leading suppliers including Dunlopillo, Hypnos, Relyon, Sealy and Silentnight.

One of the best-selling beds in the showroom that is excellent value and extremely comfortable is:

The Sealy Alder Memory Deluxe Divan & Mattress

The Sealy Alder Memory Deluxe represents outstanding value for money and is part of the pressure reliving Sealy Posturepedic range. The Posture zone mattress has 5 pressure relieving support zones positioned to alleviate pressure in key areas such as shoulders, hips and lower back.

Using smart fibres like Purotex Smart Fibres in the mattress helps reduce mould and moisture as the microcapsules release friendly bacteria into the mattress. This in turn will help keep the mattress fresh and free of dust mites. Sealy are also fortunate that Allergy UK have given this bed their seal of approval.

Sealy’s PostureTech 620 Response spring system has been used in the Alder Memory Deluxe mattress to provide better weight distribution away from the heaviest parts of the body. It’s a no turn easy care mattress. However regular rotation is required is enhance its life.

Sealy-Alder-Memory-Deluxe-Divan-Bed-350The supportive platform top divan base is available with both storage and non-storage options. The divan base options are 2 drawers on a 3ft / single bed, 4ft 6 / double bed, 5ft / king size bed and 6ft / super king size bed, 4 drawers on a 4ft 6 / double bed, 5ft / king size bed and 6ft / super king size bed. Sealy also manufacture a continental drawer system that enables access to drawers that would otherwise be restricted by bedside cabinets. This type of divan storage is also known as 2+2 drawers.

The bed can be upholstered in a choice of coffee or heather fabric. As a finishing touch, there are 3 headboards to choose from that can be upholstered to match the divan base.

The Sealy Alder Memory Deluxe single beds (90cm) start at £399, double beds (135cm) at £499 and king size (150cm) at £599. If it’s a big bed you require, it’s available in super king size (180cm) at £899. There is also the option of a small double (120cm) which is the same price as the double. And if you don't need the whole bed they are available as a mattress only.

Prices quoted for the Sealy Alder Memory Deluxe are correct as at the time of posting this blog, but are subject to change.

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