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We all know the script when it comes to how much sleep we should get at night – around 6-8 hours of good quality shut eye.

However, have you ever wondered about whether there’s a difference between men and woman when it comes to how much sleep we need at night?

Well, according to a survey conducted by, the website has found that British men appear to be getting by with less sleep than British women. However, do men simply need less sleep, or has our modern social lives and habits convinced men that they don’t need that much sleep?

British Men Need Less Sleep than WomanThe poll itself found that more than 30% of our nation’s men are sleeping for less than 7 hours a night, while only 17% of British woman sleep less than 7 hours a night. More worryingly, the poll found that 1 in 15 men were sleeping less than 4 hours a night. But where does this sleep deprivation come from?

It’s thought that around third of people of Britain have an alarm time of 7am, with around a fifth of us getting up at 6am. So, ideally our bedtimes should be around 11pm in order for us to get that magical 7 hours of sleep. However, a large proportion of us – especially men – aren’t making it to our beds by then, particularly due to socialising and binge television viewing.

These days, people are notoriously busy, plus the Monday to Friday 9 till 5pm job is becoming less and less common. So, when it comes to dating or socialising with our friends, nights out can become any night of the week rather than being confined to a weekend. Mid-week sports events are also far more common, with people heading to their local to watch. These increase of ‘school night’ nights out – often with alcohol – mean that we’re all going to be far later than our proposed 11pm bedtime. Plus, alcohol is known to give us a poor sleep. Especially when it’s mixed with caffeine, as some popular alcoholic concoctions use these days.

Yet, it’s not just the mid-week outings that are damaging our sleep. Our television and online social habits have also changed too. Online dating, which has become popular over the last few years, has meant that many of now get to know potential partners though online communication, leading to many of us texting well into the night.

When it comes to TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime has given us access to full seasons of TV shows, which when we start getting into a show, can make it difficult for us to tear ourselves away from that show to go to sleep.

This lack of sleep has taken a toll on our bodies though. The poll, which asked 1,184 people how they felt in the mornings, found that almost two thirds of those asked, suffered from back, neck and muscle pain in the morning.

Not only is this a side-effect of a poor sleep, but waking up in pain is a clear sign that our mattresses are not giving us the adequate support during the night. So, if you are feeling the strain in the morning, you should definitely consider upgrading your mattress.

As for the notion that men need less sleep than woman, the fact that so many people reported pain and fatigue after a night’s sleep suggests that we all need approximately 6-8 hours of sleep a night regardless of gender. So, if you’re enjoying a mid-week social life or love to binge watch TV shows, just be mindful of the effect this has over the long-term and try to get the appropriate amount of sleep at least 80% of the time.