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Thank god for that bed and the baby who slept there. A friend saw this and thought he had to send it to me as part of his seasons greeting. It got me thinking. You see I have never thought of a king sized bed as being anything other than a big bed in a lovely bedroom. And then you think about the comfort and warmth in your room.

This wooden bed clearly wasn’t housed in a warm bedroom, but in a cold drafty stable. The mattress was made of straw, not springs or lovely memory foam. Well the image clearly shows a King’s bed, or a bed not fit for a king – in my opinion. Perhaps this was the very first wooden bed frame? My how design has moved on!

We get carried away and forget that if necessary we can bed down anywhere if there is an emergency, and clearly on Christmas Eve there was an emergency.

Never lose sight of how lucky you are to sleep in a lovely king size bed with crisp bedding and duvets. Remember though, there are other less comfortable king sized beds, that in the short term do the job just fine. The above is a great example of that.

All at Big Brand Beds wish all our customers a very Happy Christmas.