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Getting to sleep at night can be pretty stressful. After-all, we’ve all been there – lying awake counting how many hours we have left before the alarm goes off for work. But getting to sleep doesn’t need to be stressful. Indeed, your bedroom should be a relaxing, enjoyable place to be. A haven in which you can drift peacefully off to sleep without a second glance at the alarm clock.

Creating a relaxing bedroom haven isn’t as hard as might think either. All you have to do is a make a few minor changes and you’ll soon notice a distinct improvement to your sleep:

Choose the Right Bedding

Sure, the cheap bedding on special will save you a few pennies, but it doesn’t exactly ooze luxury sleep. Instead aim for hotel-worthy fancy sheets with high thread-count cotton and lots of pillows to snuggle into. The Die Zudecke Canadian White Snow Goose down pillow is about as good as it gets.

Luxury-BedroomDitch the Old Mattress

We spend a good 7 hours of our day in bed – so why would you want that time spent on an uncomfortable mattress? Instead put some serious research into the perfect mattress for you and your partner. An old mattress won’t give your body enough support for a good night’s sleep and is one of the most common reasons for a restless sleep at night. For the ultimate luxury look no further than a Hypnos or Dunlopillo mattress.

Spray Relaxing Scents

Soothing lavender air fresheners or candles will help you relax and get to sleep quicker – although never go to sleep with a candle lit. In winter use hot water bottles with lavender, the relaxing scent and warmth will have you off to sleep in no time at all.

Don’t Have a Clock

It’s common for us to wake every so often during the night and if you catch sight of the time from a digital clock this can remind us that we don’t have long left before we need to get up for work. Instead cover your clock or turn it round so you can’t see the display during the night.

Make Your Room Dark

If your room is dark then your brain will decide it’s time to go to sleep and let you drift off, but any kind of bright light will trick your brain into thinking it’s daytime. This could be as simple as a bright streetlight or the moon. Instead opt for blackout curtains that will keep your room dark and your brain relaxed.

Keep Your Room Cool

Getting to sleep in the heat is hard. You feel restless and sweaty making it difficult to relax. By using a fan or open window to lower the temperature in the room you’ll make it a much nicer sleeping environment.

Quiet is Key

If you live in the busy city then neighbourhood noises can be hard to avoid, meaning your sleep will get disturbed. Now it might be tempting to leave on your television to drown out the noise, however, during various sleep cycles your sleep can become shallow meaning the TV could wake you up. Instead opt for earplugs or a relaxing CD with a sleep timer.

Your Bedroom Should Be a Bedroom Only

Your bedroom should be kept for bedroom activities only – this means no televisions or computers. If you regularly watch TV in your room then your brain will become accustomed to this activity rather than sleeping so getting to sleep will be more difficult. Keep your bedroom free of technology and clutter – after-all a tidy bedroom leads to a tidy mind and a much better night’s sleep. 

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