The problem with adjustable beds is, that the marketing behind these wonderful beds has aimed them at older ages. So, when people think of an adjustable bed, then they only think of a frail old man or woman who can’t get in and out of their bed due to age or ailments.

However, adjustable beds can bring incredible benefits to people of all ages. Here are just some of their best advantages:

Heartburn Reduction

Benefits of Adjustable BedsMany of us regularly spend hundreds of pounds every year on over the counter indigestion and heartburn relief tablets and remedies. Yet, you may not know that an adjustable bed can help you not only aid your heartburn, but may also prevent heartburn before it starts.

Lying flat often causes the acids in our stomachs to travel too high in our bodies – which is why we are often told that we shouldn’t go to bed too soon after we’ve eaten at night. With an adjustable bed, we can sleep in a more upright position, stopping the acids from escaping our stomachs.

Reduced Snoring

There is nothing more annoying than a partner who snores loudly, keeping you from getting a sound night’s sleep. Just like heartburn, snoring can be increased by sleeping flat, as our tongue falls back in our throat causing that vibration, snoring noise. By slightly moving our sleeping position to a more elevated neck position, then the noise will stop or at least be reduced.

Plus, it’s thought that people who snore don’t get a good night’s sleep either. In fact, snoring might even be a sign of sleep apnoea, where sufferers can actually stop breathing for a short time, in the future, so an adjustable bed can be incredibly beneficial.

Helps With Swelling

When we get an injury, such as a sprained ankle, our doctor or nurse will often tell us to elevate the injury in order to reduce the swelling. Which leads us all to trying to balance a leg on a pile of cushions while we slept, which is practically impossible.

Instead, by having your own adjustable bed, you can easily raise your legs without any hassle. This could be particularly good for people who spend all day on their feet or woman who are pregnant.

Relieves Back Pain

Again, if you have a very laborious job such as a builder, or if you suffer from chronic pain, you really need a bed that will give you the best support and comfort for your body. Finding the right position in a normal bed can feel impossible.

An adjustable bed, though, can be shifted and adjusted into your perfect position with just a few touches of a button, giving you the perfect night’s sleep! Which is exactly what you need to improve and manage body aches.

Improve Your Marriage

If you’re a light sleeper and your partner likes to toss and turn or get up a lot to visit the bathroom, then you can often find that you’re woken numerous times during the night. But, with an adjustable bed, both sleepers can adjust their side of the bed to a position that they find the most comfortable without disturbing your partner.  Even better, each side absorbs movement so you’ll both get a wonderful sleep.

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