Beds & Mattresses. Tell Tale Signs that your Bed or Mattress Needs Replacing

Your bed is possibly the most important piece of furniture you own. After all, we spend nearly a third of our lives in bed.

Do you feel tired without over exerting yourself? Perhaps the reason is your mattress is causing you poor quality of sleep.

So what are the tell tale signs that your mattress needs replacing:

Typically most mattresses will need replacing after 7 to 10 years use. There are of course exceptions to this. Our experience, when asking customers how old their bed is, is that they are years out. They invariably believe their bed or mattress is several years younger than it is. Tip - write the date of purchase on the mattress label.

Old mattressIf your mattress feels and looks lumpy and is plain uncomfortable, you need a new one. Is the mattress tick starting to fray and show signs of wear? Can you feel or see the springs through the cushioning?

If you experience poor quality sleep and are woken throughout the night with aches and pains or wake up in the morning feeling achy, it fairly obvious your current mattress is not doing its job.

Do you come back from staying at friends or relatives, or have you been on holiday and return feeling rejuvenated?  You feel like you’ve had the best night’s sleep for a very long time. If so, it’s seriously time for change.

Changes of circumstance necessitate new beds. Just married? You might need to upgrade from a double to king size. If you have children, you might need to consider a super king size bed. Generally in terms of bedding big is better. The more individual space you have will certainly improve sleep quality.

And don’t forget that as children grow, they will outgrow their beds.

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