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On paper buying a bed might be as simple as buying a loaf of bread. But even buying bread isn’t really that simple... Do you prefer white bread, brown bed or maybe a bit of both? Then you get it with crusts, without crusts, seeded, soda and some people might even need gluten free bread. No, buying a loaf of bread can take a lot of delicate thought, and so does considering what kind of new bed you might need.

The main problem with choosing a new bed is the fact that there are so many different types available, which can make you feel smothered in choice. But as long as you think logically, buying a new bed can be both enjoyable and very rewarding – after-all at the end of it all you’re getting a lovely new comfy bed to sleep in!

Hypnos-Super-Storage-Ottoman-Base-400So where should you start? Well a good first step in deciding on a bed is to sit down and list all that you would like from your new bed and, of course, set a budget in your mind. The absolute worst thing you can do when bed shopping is to ignore your bed wish list and buy the first bed you see on sale because it’s a good price. You might be committing yourself to one that is completely wrong for your body.

First things first, decide on what kind of bed you need whether that be a divan, Ottoman or frame bed. Mostly this will come down to personal preference, however, some beds will suit certain bedrooms more than others. For instance, a small bedroom would benefit from an Ottoman – which has extra storage – or a divan as these beds take up less space overall. Keep in mind if you live in a flat or a home with narrow hall that, just like a couch, you should make sure that your new bed will get inside.

You should also consider what size of bed would be best suited to you both. Standard double beds are 135cm x 190cm (4ft 6in x 6ft 3in), which might not have enough room for you to both sleep on. Perhaps a king size (150cm x 200cm) or even super king size (180cm x 200cm) would help you get a better night’s sleep.

The most important aspect of choosing your new bed will be the mattress that you decide on. Online deals might show a lovely bed frame for a reasonable price but you might just find that the mattress that has been included is cheap and really not what you should be sleeping on.

Instead, discuss with your partner any issues that you both have had with sleeping and what you find comfortable to lie on. You might be troubled with a partner that wakes you through snoring or tossing and turning, but did you know certain mattresses can ease both these problems? In fact, there is a mattress that will help will everything from back pain to helping alleviate asthma symptoms. 

The best way to choose your new bed and mattress is to visit a showroom where you can see and test how the different mattresses feel. You might just be surprised at what mattress you choose in the end! And our consultants will be more than happy to give you personal advice on what mattress will suit your needs. So where better place to start than a visit to Big Brand Beds showroom at 6 Keymer Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 0AD……you won’t regret it.

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