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Do you need a new bed or mattress? Are you thinking about buying in the winter sales? If the answer is yes, take time to read Big Brand Beds top tips.

Remember we spend on average 1/3 of our lives in bed, so it makes sense to spend as much as you can afford on the correct bed. Are you thinking about drawers under your bed, but don’t really need the storage space? If so opt for the bed without drawers and put the extra money into a higher quality mattress. If a bed has a free drawer offer take advantage of it.


Look out for size upgrades. During sale periods you will find king size beds on offer for the price of a double. e.g the Hypnos Cirrus Pillow Top , pictured. Buy the biggest bed you can. In the case of beds and mattresses, bigger is better. Your quality of sleep will improve as you will be unlikely to disturb your partner as much. Think about it, a standard double divan gives just 2’3” of sleeping area for each person.

Bigger Beds

Buying a bigger bed will mean you’ll need to consider access. Double and king size bases are split for ease of handling, but a mattress doesn’t take kindly to being bent and folded to get it up stairs and into a bedroom.

The luxury Relyon pocket sprung mattress ticks all the boxes for you, but is it so big and heavy that you couldn’t turn and rotate it? If so look for an easy care no turn mattress. They are becoming more popular and most of the major manufacturers have then in their ranges.

A £500 mattress will cost you approximately 20p per night over 7 years. That’s not a lot for your comfort and personal wellbeing.

Finally, be wary of some of the outrageous sale discounts. We all love a bargain, but if a bed is half price and then has a further saving is it really a great buy.  If you find a mattress that is half price at £299, ask the sales assistant to show you a £599 mattress without a reduction. If they are the same quality, you have a bargain! However it’s only a bargain if it’s right for you.