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Adjustables-Grand-Duchess-Adjustable-Bed-logoThe Adjustables Grand Duchess adjustable bed is a proven seller and one of, if not the most popular adjustable bed on sale in our store. What we love about adjustable beds is they deliver quickly and don’t cause us problems. They come with 5 year warranty on the frame and mattress and a 2 year guarantee on all electrics. Now that’s peace of mind for you.

Adjustables-Grand-Duchess-Adjustable-Bed-250-204.jpgAs with all our adjustable beds, the Adjustables Grand Duchess has a 5 part adjustable action which allows the user any positioning at the touch of a button. It is even available with a remote control option as well.

The luxurious mattress has 20cm of latex and is divided into 7 comfort zones to support every part of your body. The mattress cover is extremely soft to the touch and more importantly, removable for washing.

Adjustables adjustable beds come in a vast range of size options, with multiple storage options in the divan base and a huge range of divan fabric to choose from. There are really too many options to write about, so best you visit the Grand Duchess adjustable bed web page to get all the info.

You might be surprised that an adjustable bed priced as competitively as this has all the options of a luxury bed. Well, I’ll let you into a secret. Adjustables make adjustable bed bases for Tempur. However the quality and standard is the same, but the prices are not. You might be forgiven for thinking that this is a cheap adjustable bed. It isn’t. It is just fantastic value.

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