7 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom This WinterWhen it’s snowy or frosty outside relaxing in a cosy, comfortable bedroom can be heavenly. Snuggling up all toasty in your bed while the snowflakes fall outside, it makes you never want to leave your bed.

But how do you alter your bedroom from a cool summer paradise into the perfect opulent boudoir for winter? Well here are some of our top tricks to transform your bedroom easily:

1: Change Your Colours

In summer light blues and yellow will create a cool atmosphere, but winter demands warming tones like orange, purple and red. You should paint your bedroom in neutral tones matched with a feature wall, that way you can change your bedroom easily every 6 months or so. Not only will your bedroom match the seasons but you’ll never get bored of your décor.

2: Bring Out the Winter Duvet

When winter comes knocking, the very first thing you need to do is get out the winter duvet. Winter duvets have higher tog values than summer ones, anything from 10.5 to 15tog. Look no further than our Die Zudecke Canadian white snow goose down duvets, perfect for winter. These days you can get a combination duvet that will provide a warm duvet in winter and splits into a lighter duvet for summer.

3: Throws, Blankets and Cushions

Fur throws, knitted blankets and lots of cushions – the perfect recipe for winter snuggling. And remember, there is never too much when it comes to throws, blankets and cushions. Indeed, the more the merrier! Not only will your bed look big and comfy, it will also be incredibly cosy to crawl into on a chilly winter’s evening.

4: Add Extra Lighting

Nothing says winter like fairy lights. Wrap lights around your headboard to create a magical Christmas look to your bedroom. In particular dramatic wooden bed frames or divans are lovely for draping fairy lights over. Don’t think your bed is up to par? Well why not buy yourself a Christmas present this year and treat yourself to a brand new bed!

Harsh overhead lighting can also bring a chilly vibe to a room. Instead opt for ceiling shades and lamps that give out a soft light. Paper shades are particularly goof at this.

5: Thick, Luxurious Curtains  

Night drafts can bring a chill to your bones. You see, even double glazing can let in the odd gust of cold. By having a set of thick, luxurious curtains over your windows any winter chill will be trapped leaving your bedroom completely cosy.

6: Lots of Rugs!

When it’s cold outside the last thing you want to do put your feet on a cold, wooden floor. Instead add rugs to your bedroom during the winter months. Like throws, faux fur is a wonderful way to add Nordic winter opulence to your bedroom. Every morning you can get up and wangle your toes in your fabulous new rug.

7: Candles

A flickering flame on your walls on a dark evening is wonderfully atmospheric. Especially if you choose winter-themed scented candles like gingerbread or cranberry. Just imagine slipping into bed to watch Netflix in your wonderful new winter bedroom with your nose filled with Christmas smells and as warm as can be.