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A mattress is a serious investment, after-all you will sleep on this investment every night. Therefore it’s important that you look after it to ensure you get the longest life out of it. Here are our top tips to keep your mattress as good as new:

Top-Tips-for-Keeping-Your-Mattress-Smelling-as-Fresh-as-New.400Flip Your Mattress

Keeping your mattress flipped is a perfect way to ensure it wears evenly. Not many people realise that you should flip your mattress as often as every 4-6 weeks, but this is the best way to take care of it.

When flipping you should move it from head to foot and then foot to head on your next turn. Even memory foam mattresses should be turned regularly.

Chuck Off the Covers

From children we’ve had a habit engrained into us – always make your bed first thing in the morning. But that might not be the best thing for your mattress! Instead you should throw off your covers every morning for at least 30 minutes.

Something as simple as leaving off the covers from your bed will seriously improve it as this time will allow any moisture to evaporate stopping your mattress from smelling damp. This tip will also help prevent your mattress from becoming infested with bugs.

Use Sunlight

Did you know that there’s a natural disinfectant that you can use on your mattress? Surprisingly it’s the sun! Sunlight will naturally freshen up your mattress without the need for putting harsh chemicals where you sleep.

Ideally you should put your mattress outside as often as possible in the sunlight to freshen it up. However this is not ideal for everyone – especially if you live in a flat. If you can’t get your mattress outside you should open up your windows as often as you can, this way you’ll get plenty of sunshine into your room. The fresh air will also do wonders for it.

Add Some Freshener Sheets

Too really boost the scent of your mattress why not add something like drawer liners under your fitted sheets? Choose a fragrance that you find soothing – such as lavender – and you’ll find yourself drifting off to sleep every night with the lovely scent of lavender filling your nose.

Baking Soda Works Wonders

If drawer liners remind you too much of your granny there’s another neat trick you can do to create a sweet fragrance from your mattress. When you’re cleaning your sheets you should take this opportunity to scatter baking soda over it. This will pull any nasty fragrances from it. If you want to add a fresh scent, this is the perfect opportunity. Simply add something like lavender in with your baking soda and brush off before putting on your clean sheets.

Clean Your Sheets Properly

To ensure you kill any bedbugs that try to live on your sheets it’s vital to wash your sheets on a high heat. This may seem a scary prospect for anyone who’s bought some expensive sheets, but would you prefer bed bugs to sleep with?

Clean Any Spills ASAP

Spills can seriously damage your mattress, which is why you have to deal with then as quickly as you can. First get a dry towel and place something heavy over it. This will pull as much of the liquid as possible from the mattress. You should also add baking soda to the stain as this will help draw any bad smells out. 

If none of the above work, then it's time to consider something new. Check out our great ranges which include Hypnos pocket sprung beds and Silentnight miracoil beds.