Dunlopillo Bed & Mattress Disposal Service
Dunlopillo Bed & Mattress Disposal Service
Dunlopillo Bed & Mattress Disposal Service

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Dunlopillo Beds & Mattress Disposal Service

This service is only available if it appears as a related item on a bed or mattress

FREE Disposal applies to orders for Dunlopillo beds & mattresses over £1999

  • Please note that this service is only available when buying a new Dunlopillo bed or mattress and will take place at the same time as delivery of your new items
  • We can only dispose of divan beds and mattresses
  • All disposals are on a like for like basis. We will not take a double bed when a single is ordered. However a smaller item than that ordered can be taken.
  • Beds and mattresses for disposal must be from the delivery address
  • All mattresses and divan bases are collected at the drivers discretion and must be suitably wrapped
  • We will not collect heavily soiled mattresses
  • Once a item has been collected, we are unable to return it.
  • A divan and mattress is classed as 1 collection. A mattress only is 1 collection. 2 mattresses as 2 collections, 3 mattresses are 3 collections etc. A divan & mattress and a mattress is 2 collections.

FREE Disposal Offer

  • As well as the conditions above, free disposal is limited to one bed or mattress per £1999 spent. If you buy 2 mattresses for £1000 each we will only dispose of one free of charge. If you buy 2 beds or mattresses for £1999 each then you will receive the like for like disposal on both beds or mattresses
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