Sweet Dreams Bed and Mattress product information

Sweet Dreams have the complete solution when it comes to beds. Whether you want traditional open coil sprung mattresses or the latest Visco-elastic Memory Foam you will find your perfect bed here.

Backcare beds

These springs will give a firmer feel to the mattress due to a heavier gauge of wire. Backcare springs are available in 6" single spring and Twin Spring options. The Backcare beds collection is a range of beds which are firmer, supporting the spine in its most natural position. Ideal for people wanting a firmer feel to their mattress.
During sleep your spine should be correctly aligned to help reduce back ache and other posture related problems. Some inferior mattresses may allow your spine to be bowed down if too soft or arched up if too hard. Backcare springs have been designed to eliminate this problem and therefore keeping your spine in the correct position for a more peaceful, undisturbed sleep.

Open coil beds

The Open coil beds collection is a range of traditionally made divan sets with a wide choice of options. Each mattress, in the 150cm size, contains 325 springs. Single layer spring system. Sumptuous quilted top surfaces to mattresses.

Twin spring beds

The Twin spring beds collection (double decker) is a range of beds which contain a double layer of springs for twice the comfort and support. Each mattress, in the 150cm size, contains 650 springs. (Two layers of 325 springs). Two sets of independently working springs. Special membrane seperates springs to stop them rubbing together. Double height mattress for extra comfort levels.

Visco-elastic beds

The Visco-elastic beds collection is a range of Polymer technology (High Resilient Foam) beds, which moulds to the contours of your body. The Visco-elastic mattress contains a full size spring unit under a memory foam layer. This combination gives the benefit of body moulding foam with a traditional sprung support system.

Sweet Dreams Visco-elastic range of mattresses use a 70mm layer of Memory Foam which is the deepest on the market. This extra deep layer is then used with one of Myer's Bonnell spring units (either single or double springs) which gives the ultimate comfort and support combination.

How it works

When you lie on this "elastic" material you can actually feel it working. What you can feel are the tiny cells shifting and re-organising their position to conform around your individual body contours. This shifting happens over a two minute period, using the heat from your body. When your body weight has been totally supported any hollow areas such as under the lower back cleverly fill in with the Visco Elastic foam, supporting every inch of your body.

Latex beds

This combination of springs and latex create a unique sleeping experience allowing the springs to support you while the latex absorbs pressure from shoulders and hips. The mattress is one-sided so no turning is required.

Features & Benefits

100% Talalay Latex for a totally natural sleeping experience
It is Hypo Allergenic and resists harbouring bed mites
Used with a strong inner spring, it gives traditional inner support and natural relaxing comfort
No need to turn mattress
Very well ventilated

Caring for your new Sweet Dreams Bed or Mattress

Do not bend or fold your mattress as this can damage the spring unit and may invalidate the warranty.

If you have purchased a turn mattress it is important to turn the mattress weekly for the first 3 months, then evry 4 weeks thereafter. Use the handles if fitted to position the mattress on the base. Dont carry the mattress with the handles. When turning the mattress please dont let it fall against the surface of the divan as this may damage the spring system. Assistance may be required.

If you have purchased a no turn mattress we recommend you rotate your mattress every 2 weeks for the first 3 months then evry 3 months thereafter.

Do not overlaod the drawer ompartments in storage models, as excessive weight can cause distortion and damge the drawers. Over filling may cause the drawer to jam.

The modern day fillings in your bed are designed to mould to the shape of your body over the first few weeks. This is quite normal and should not concern you. Filling settlement should not be regarded as a manufacturing defect. Regular turning of your mattress will help the fillings to settle down evenly and will prolong the lifespan of the mattress.

We recommend that you use a mattress protector or underblanket, which will help prevent the dyes used in some mattress covers transferring onto the bed linen as a reaction to body moisture. regular airing of the mattress every 3 months will reduce this possibility.

Do not use chemical or detergent cleaners as these may adversely affect the covering, the stitching and may also affect some of the filling materials used. In the case of soiling, the mattress may be lightly sponged with a weak solution of soap and water. Excessive wetting can damage the fabric.

If you have to store the mattress for any period of time please make sure it is stored flat and not on its side, as this will distort the spring unti and cause fillings to settle.

Isf you purchased only a mattress, do not use on a base for which it is not designed. the life of a mattress can be severly shortened by use of an old or unsuitable base.