How do I assemble my Sweet Dreams divan bed?

Your Sweet Dreams divan bed is reasonably easy to assemble. Follow our simple instructions and you won’t go wrong whether you are putting together a divan base with drawers or without.

To avoid the risk of injury it is recommended that a minimum of 2 people install the bed.

  • Remove all the polythene protective packaging and dispose of carefully out of the reach of children to avoid possible injury. Please ensure removal of loose staples carefully using pliers and dispose of safely.
  • Attach the castors to the underside of the divan base by sharply tapping into the metal sockets. Avoid using a metal object as this can cause damage.
  • In the case of a double, king size or super king size bed, you will need to join the 2 divan bases.
  • If linking bars are provided, stand both halves of the divan on one edge with the square ends together then link them and secure the wingnuts.
  • If joining clips are provided, stand both halves of the divan on one edge, square ends together, then join the two divan halves with the two clips. Then lower the divan on to the floor supporting both halves.
  • It is important to decide which divan half is to be used for the headboard. Locate the fixing holes, which are marked with stickers. Pierce the fabric with a suitable object, then using the plastic washers and bolts provided fasten your headboards strut to the base.
  • Your divan base is now ready to receive its Sweet Dreams mattress
  • Allow the mattress to air for 3-4 hours before fitting your bedding. This will allow any moisture, which may have been trapped by the transit packaging to evaporate. You will also notice an aroma of newness from your bed, which is normal and will soon fade if aired regularly.
  • Your bnew bed may feel a little strange at first, so allow some time for your body to adjust to your new bed and for the fillings to settle.