Sweet Dreams Bed & Mattress Guarantee

1 year guarantee

The Sweet Dreams Guarantee covers divans and mattresses against faulty workmanship and materials, for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

In the unlikely event of a defect in material or workmanship occurring within one year of purchase Sweet Dreams will arrange to repair or replace the item free of charge.

If you have purchased one of our 5 year warranty models and a manufacturing defect should occur within the remaining period of the warranty, then Sweet Dreams will repair or replace at their discretion the item with a usage charge. This charge will reflect the period of use, the current retail price and the number of years left on the warranty as shown below:

The warranty will be on the following scale:-

First year

Product replaced free of charge

Second year

Product replaced with 20% of retail price contribution

Third year

Product replaced with 40% of retail price contribution

Fourth year

Product replaced with 60% of retail price contribution

Fifth year

Product replaced with 80% of retail price contribution

On all warranty claims a contribution towards delivery costs will also be charged

Any claims under this warranty must be made through the retailer from whom the bed was purchased. Proof of purchase is required.

On receipt of a retailer's inspection report, if Sweet Dreams accept that the complaint is justified and are also satisfied that the care instructions contained in their leaflet have been followed, they will take whatever decision is deemed to be correct under the terms of this warranty.

This warranty only applies to purchases made in the UK.

When repairing or replacing items under this warranty, Sweet Dreams reserve the right to substitute alternative materials, or models, should the original no longer be available and cannot undertake to match items not under complaint, with any substitute cloth used.

Sweet Dreams reserve the right to refuse service when any defect is due to causes other than faulty materials or workmanship, or if the item is soiled and in an unsanitary condition.

Sweet Dreams beds are designed as complete sleep sets and the extended warranty will not apply on Sweet Dreams mattresses, unless they are used with a suitable base.

This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.