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Sleepeezee Mattresses

High quality Sleepeezee mattresses have been manufactured by hand for over 90 years, so no wonder it is one of the most recognised and highly respected mattress and bed brand in the UK. Their quality is not reflected in the prices. You really do get a lot for your money when you invest in a Sleepeezee mattress.

Choosing the right Sleepeezee mattress is a process. By providing you with unbiased and objective information, Big Brand Beds can help you decide which mattress is best for you. The right Sleepeezee mattress will help you get a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Sleepeezee is known for using high-quality materials in their mattresses. This commitment to quality ensures that the mattress is not only supportive but also durable over time.

Sleepeezee believe the most important part of your new bed is the mattress. The mattress makes direct contact with your body while you sleep and must provide the right level of support that suits your natural weight, shape and sleeping position. The correct mattress will give you the support you require and help to relieve pressure points across your body. This in turn helps to promote a healthy, comfortable night’s sleep.

Traditional pocket sprung Sleepeezee mattresses with side stitched borders, filled with only the best fillings are finished with high quality mattress covers. They are available in all the standard sizes, single (3ft x 6ft3), double (4ft6 x 6ft3), king size (5ft x 6ft6) and super king (6ft x 6ft6). Some of the super king size (6ft) can be zipped and linked together.

Sleepeezee is a well-known mattress manufacturer, and their pocket sprung mattresses come with several benefits that contribute to a comfortable and supportive sleep experience. 

Individualized Support:

Pocket sprung Sleepeeze mattresses are constructed with individual springs encased in fabric pockets. This design allows each spring to move independently, providing targeted support to different areas of the body. This can be particularly beneficial for couples with different sleep preferences.

Reduced Motion Transfer:

The individual pocketed springs in Sleepeezee mattresses absorb and isolate motion, preventing it from transferring across the mattress. This feature is advantageous for couples, as it minimizes disturbances when one person moves during sleep.

Contouring to Body Shape:

Pocket sprung Sleepeezee mattresses contour to the natural shape of your body, providing customized support. This can help alleviate pressure points and contribute to a more comfortable sleep surface.


Sleepeezee mattresses are durable and have a long lifespan. All Sleepeezee mattresses have a 10 year guarantee.

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The Journey of a Sleepeezee Mattress

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