Sleepeezee Bed and Mattress product information

As each Sleepeezee product is unique, you will find the relevent details on the product pages

Caring for your new Sleepeezee Bed or Mattress



Carefully unwrap your mattress / divan upon delivery and leave it in a well ventilated room for a few hours before covering or sleeping on it. Some mattresses with natural or foam fillings may have a smell which should dissipate after 14 days with regular lossening of bed linen to help air circulation. Ensure the room continues to be well ventilated to help the mattress remain fresh and odour free.


Carefully remove the bag of fittings which is attached to the base in order to avoid damaging the fabric.


We recommend using one of our divans as an  old base may not provide sufficient support and may result in the mattress sagging. If you have purchased a mattress only, ensure the frame or divan base on which it rests is an equivalent size and solid foundation. If the frame or base is slatted, then the recommended maximum distance between each slat is 3" (76mm)


Use a mattress protector to help prolong the life of your mattress. this will minimise wear and tear, guard against marks and stains and help maintain the appearance of a new mattress.

Body Impression

Due to the amount of quality upholstery in your mattress, your body will make a natural impression in the sleeping area, which is quite normal and not a fault.


Your new bed may feel different to any you have previously used and it may take a period of time for your body to become accustomed to the different level of comfort and support that your new bed offers.

Turn / Rotate

Turning and or rotating your mattress ensures even distribution of body weight and helps prolong the life of the mattress. A double sided mattress must be turned every week for the first three months and every month thereafter. A non-turn mattress must be rotated from head to foot every week for the first three months and every month thereafter.


Replacing the covers and sheets on a regular basis will encourage air circulation through the mattress and allow fillings to keep fresh and odour free.

Do Not

Bend / Roll

Do not bend, fold or roll your mattress as this can cause serious damage to the spring unit, the fillings and affect the overall strength and durability.


Avoid placing exceptionally heavy or bulky objects onto the mattress and do not overload any divan base drawers as this may cause permanent damage.


Standing and jumping on your bed can cause damage to both the mattress and base.

Standing or Kneeling

Do not stand, sit or kneel on the divan base as this will damage the surface, causing the base and mattrewss to dip. The base is designed to support the distribution of weight from the mattress evenly over its entire area.


Your mattress has been specialy designed to support weight evenly across the entire surface area during sleep. Sitting on the mattress for prolonged periods of time will distort springs and affect the settlement of the fillings.

Mattress Label

Do not remove the mattress, fire resistance certification or base labels as these serve as a means of identification to establish your guarantee rights.

Cleaning Products

Should you need to clean your mattress, any stains should be treated immediately using a damp cloth. Please avoid using detergents or chemical cleaners as these may bleach or disintergrate the fabric.


Do not smoke in bed or use open flames near the bed.