Every year our families ask us what we want for Christmas and every year we sit and wonder about what we want – something that usually ends up with you getting a bottle of perfume or pair of slippers that you’ll never use. But what if this year you could stick something you actually need – particularly for your bedroom - on your Christmas wish list?

When it comes to our homes we often forget about our bedrooms. Sure, we can remember to replace the microwave or that old ratty cushion on the sofa. But when was the last time your replaced your duvet, pillows or even your mattress?

It’s vitally important that we get enough good quality sleep a night, but this is often easier said than done. With our busy, stressful lives, we often roll into bed exhausted yet still find it difficult to fall asleep. Which is exactly why we need our beds to be as comfortable as possible in order to help ourselves relax. And Christmas is the perfect excuse to have your family help you out with a much needed bed revamp.

Of course, very few family members are going to be able to afford to buy you a good-quality mattress on their own, but you can easily let everyone know that you’d like to put together presents so that you can afford a great mattress. Then, instead of receiving an unwanted gift or vouchers to a shop you rarely visit, you can use that money towards a mattress that you really need.

Plus, with the help of some family backing, it means that you can put your budget a little higher than you might have otherwise. Just think of that luxurious mattress that you’ve always dreamed of! It could be in your bedroom before the year is out.

santaIt’s not just a new mattress that will change your world when it comes to sleeping though, there’s also the matter of pillows and your duvet. If you find either of these are feeling flat and lifeless then it’s highly likely that you’re well overdue being treated to new ones.

Just think of that fluffy, cosy duvet you could be snuggling into every night… Even better, since it’s a present think big – that is, if you find you and your partner fight over the covers then you should think about going a size up. So if you have a double bed ask for a king duvet. It means you’ll both be less likely to argue over who has the most covers.

It’s not just big duvets that you can put on your Christmas wish list though, think seasonal, anti-allergen – anything you desire!

Something for your bed might not be the first thing anyone thinks of when a relative asks about a Christmas present, but what would you rather have something that gathers dust in a cupboard or a present that you truly enjoy? It’s a no-brainer really! Just think about the superb sleep you’ll get on Christmas day with all your brand new bed accessories! 

Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net