Now you may be thinking that Christmas isn’t even here, why would we be talking about New Year’s Resolutions?

But as many of us know, we tend to spend a lot of December saying “oh I’ll need to give that up next month”, so now is definitely the perfect time to be planning in our heads what positive changes we plan to make come 2019.

2019Of course, the most popular choices tend to be concerned with our bodies by losing weight, improving fitness and giving up harmful things such as alcohol and/or cigarettes. Yet, whatever the resolution we choose, there’s one simple thing we can change in our lives in order to make our 2018 goals far easier.

Whether it’s something like weight loss or giving up cigarettes, in order to get through the ordeal, we need to get a good night’s sleep. As being tired is the leading reason why many of us lack the willpower to succeed. In fact, it’s thought that not getting enough sleep at night can actually lead us to being overweight, as well as a number of other health issues.

Not getting enough sleep is far more detrimental to our minds and bodies than we really realise. Indeed, many of us actually ignore the fact that we’re suffering from sleeping illness and instead shrug it off as simply something we need to get on with. But tiredness seriously affects our lives in more ways than the odd embarrassing yawn through important meetings. Over time being sleep-deprived can affect our jobs, relationships and can even be life threatening.

One key way to improve your sleep is by changing your mattress. More often than not we dismiss our mattresses as being luxury products that we need not bother with, because of this many of us are sleeping on old and worn mattresses that do nothing to support our spine or give adequate comfort for a good night’s sleep. Which seems daft really, as how many of us would put up with our televisions or phones not working properly? Yet we spend nearly a third of our entire lives on our beds.

A new, quality mattress will not only last you around 8 years – making it a sound investment – but it will improve your life in so many more ways. In fact, many of us don’t realise just how bad their old mattress was until they get to sleep on a new, improved one. Some of us are even so used to being exhausted that we simply don’t notice it anymore, especially when we load up on expensive takeaway coffees throughout the day.

Not only will your new mattress allow you to wake up and feel fantastic, this new wonderful sleep has a host of other benefits – including helping to get you through your other New Year’s Resolutions.

Take weight loss for example, when we don’t get enough sleep, our bodies begin to crave high fat and sugary foods that will give us a burst of energy to keep us going. But, if we’re trying to cut back on these types of foods in order to lose that holiday weight, you’ll find that being tired will make your diet feel 100 times worse than it actually is.

Similarly, tiredness will make you lack the motivation to hit the gym, it can also make us handle stress worse, meaning you crave reaching for that cigarette you’re trying to give up even more.

By simply upgrading your mattress to a type and size that suits you best, you are not only treating yourself to a wonderful night’s sleep, but you’re also setting yourself up to succeed at all your 2019 goals. Just think how good you’ll feel about your mattress investment when you’re rocking an amazing holiday body when summer hits!

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