What are the benefits of buying a No Turn Mattress?

No turn mattresses are ideal if you don't have the physical strength to turn a mattress. And a No Turn Mattress means just that – you don’t have to turn the mattress. However it is important that you rotate the mattress lengthways regularly to ensure even wear.

There is generally no differential in the quality of a no turn mattress against a two sided mattress that requires turning. The only real difference is that you cannot or should not  sleep on the underside of a no turn mattress.

The act of turning a mattress can be an aggravation. You certainly have to remove the bed linen, possibly move other bedroom furniture that is in the way, whilst being careful not to cause any damage to anything in the process. Most individuals aren't able to turn a mattress on their own, without causing damage to them self or the mattress. This is certainly the case if it is a double or king size mattress. Help is required. The elderly and infirm will generally have to rely on others to turn the mattress for them.

In conclusion, although not a prerequisite with many of our customers, a no turn mattress is a benefit they tend to prefer.