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Slumberland logoSlumberland are back with an enormous bang.

Their new health and well-being inspired collection can only be described in one word – ‘remarkable’. The have undergone a total transformation and launch 9 new beds at the show. Six will combine spring and foam, and three pure foam block mattresses.

Pillowtop Collection – Beauty, Allure and Amore

Spring & Foam Collection – Spirit, Aspire and Desire

Foam Collection – Zeal, Zing and Zest

Slumberland have completely re-engineered their entire collection using their astonishing new ‘affinity’ comfort system that delivers a level of comfort and support that is truly wonderful. The aesthetic design of the beds is gorgeous and coupled with their state of the art digital point of sale is sure to make a stunning addition to any shop floor.

Slumberland Secret to a better Sex lifeThe newly titled Harmony collection comprises nine mattresses and 4 new divan options that include standard, shallow, ottoman and a very stylish legged version. Ten brand new headboards and 10 new true upholstery fabrics complete this aspirational comfort collection that is bound to turn heads.

Floor Standing Headboards

Look out for the stylish Urban, Jazz, Evoke, Chic, Avant, Retro, Ritz, Vogue, Dapper and Plush headboards. These can be upholstered to match any divan base in any one of the 10 stylish fabrics, Almond, Truffle, Cocoa, Sapphire, Ocean, Pewter, Coal, Heather, Kiwi and Ruby.

Their new advertisements allude to the fact that the secret to a good sex life is a great night’s sleep. This being the case, then Casanova had better watch out because the new Slumberland range is a breath of fresh air.

If you need a double bed and your budget is between £899 and £1399, Slumberland could be for you.

With the total transformation of the range, the entire current collection will be discontinued on 31st November. These include the Dreamworld Saffron Memory Elite, Dreamworld Magnolia Contour Deluxe 1200, Larch Memory Comfort, Alpine Memory Pocket, Bronze Seal Deluxe, Silver Seal Deluxe, Gold Seal Deluxe, all base only options and all strutted, full length and floor standing headboards.