When it comes to saving our planet and, in particular, reducing the amount of plastic we needlessly waste every day, all of us would sleep a little easier at night. What then, if you could do both at once?

Silentnight Eco ComfortThe Silentnight Eco Comfort mattress will not only have you sleeping soundly due to its immense comfort and support, but this mattress has a layer made from recycled plastic bottles and sustainable fibres that give a fresh and purifying layer to your mattress, aimed at providing a better night’s sleep as air is able to pass through it much easier.

Silentnight are one of the most innovative leaders in creating new technologies for their mattresses and the Eco Comfort layer is one of their most revolutionary. These fibres and materials have been manipulated and designed by the superb design teams at Silentnight to create a mattress with extra support and comfort. Best of all, Silentnight have been true on their word to create an eco-friendly product that helps to nurture and care for our environment too.

This layer combined with Silentnight’s trademark Mirapocket system, allows the mattress to provide sleepers with perfect spinal alignment. This removes pressure from your back, allowing you to sleep in a natural, comfortable position that will have you springing out of bed the next day, ready to take on the day ahead. All for an incredibly affordable price.

In fact, the Silentnight Eco Comfort will give you such a good night’s sleep that it has been awarded a Which? Best Buy award for five years in a row – which is an absolutely amazing achievement!

One of the Which? judges even described the mattress as “one of the best value mattresses we’ve ever tested.”

And it’s not just Which? awards that the Eco Comfort mattress has achieved. In 2017, Silentnight were the proud recipients of The Furniture Maker’s Company Sustainability Award. This was given due to the company’s continued commitment to sustainable manufacturing, something that is vital to help protect our planet.

There’s an Eco Comfort Mattress for Everyone

This Eco Comfort layer isn’t just confined to one mattress, it can be found across a host of Silentnight mattresses. This means that everyone in the family can help do their bit to help save the environment, as it can be included in every size available from single to super king sizes.

There’s even an Eco Comfort mattress for children included in Silentnight’s Healthy Growth range.

Helping the Planet in Numbers

Of course, it’s all very well telling you that Silentnight are helping protect our environment with their Eco Comfort mattress, you also need the proof! Here are some of the astonishing achievements so far:

  • Since starting their campaign, Silentnight have preventing over 105 million plastic bottles from being abandoned in a landfill or, worse, our seas. To give you an idea of how monumental that is, if you laid every bottle used out tip to tail, then it would reach the South Pole from London and back again.
  • Every Eco Comfort mattress uses an astonishing 150 recycled bottles in the manufacturing process.
  • Since they were first put on sale in 2014, there have been 42,000 Eco Comfort mattresses sold, each of these doing their part in reducing plastic waste.
  • In this period, Silentnight have cut down their plastic usage by an incredible 50%. They have done this by reducing their packaging, including the stopping of mattresses being double-bagged.

If you’re looking for a mattress that is both environmentally friendly and friendly to your body, there is no better mattress than the Eco Comfort.