Silentnight Bed & Mattress Miracoil Spring System

Silentnight logoThrough a unique Silentnight Miracoil patented spring system contained within both a Silentnight mattress and divan base, the Miracoil Spring System guarantees total support irrespective of your size and weight. The unique figure of 8 design gives additional coverage and more support for the sleeper.

No Roll Together

Within a Silentnight mattress, continuous springs run from head to toe, distributing the weight evenly up and down the bed rather than across it. Construction in this way means no roll together.

No Roll Off

Silentnight HippoThe springs in a Silentnight bed run right to the very edge of a mattress, ensuring sleepers can stretch out in complete comfort.

Posture Zone

Additional closer together springs are concentrated in the centre third of the bed to create a supportive zone where your body most needs it.

Miracoil Spring Unit

Silentnight mattresses use a unique continuous helicoil spring system that runs from the head to the foot of the bed. This means that springs cannot fall through slatted bases and therefore ensures total support for the full life of the bed.

Where springs run from side to side (across the bed), there is a possibility for the springs to lose shape and drop between the slats. Over time this leads to deterioration of support which leads to an uncomfortable sleeping environment and poor quality of sleep.

The Miracoil spring system is designed to give progressive support. The more weight put on it, the more the springs respond. This ensures that each Silentnight Miracol mattress gives both you and your partner the correct level of support regardless of the difference in size, shape or weight.

All these points combined, ensure that every Miracoil mattress will respond individually to your personal needs, making it the ideal bed for everybody.