It’s easy to become bored with your bedroom décor. Sure you might only have got all that furniture a couple of years ago and the walls were only painted last year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change the entire look of your bedroom. Indeed, there is one very simple and inexpensive way that you can completely transform your entire bedroom… That is, with a new headboard!

When you walk into a bedroom the first thing you notice is the headboard on your bed. That’s because the headboard is your bedroom’s focal point. By switching it your focal point will be entirely different – meaning your bedroom will be totally different too.

It can be a common misconception, just because you got a headboard with your divan then you stick with that one. But you don’t need to! Your divan bed gives you the freedom to change your headboard as many times as you like. Plus, as a new one won’t break the bank, if you decide to change your design then you can do it guilt-free.

This means that the world of headboards becomes your oyster – so just how will you choose your new one? For a more unusual alternative to an upholstered headboards, Serene has a wonderful collection of both metal and wooden headboards.

Choosing between metal and wooden frames will completely come down to personal choice or, indeed, you might find yourself hankering over both! After-all, both offer a beautiful addition to your bedroom décor.

Serene-Amelia- Honey-Oak-Headboard-400Wooden headboards

Wooden headboards offer a sense of nature indoors and can go particularly well with other wooden furniture. In particular the Serene solid oak headboards such as the Maiden Oak headboard has a beautiful design. The Maiden Oak headboard has a very distinctive crossover design finished in a warming honeyed oak. This headboard stands at 65cm and comes in double, king and super king options. The Amelia (pictured right) is great value and comes in a honey oak or opal white finish

Serene-Ashley-Black-Nickel-Headboard-400Metal headboards

Metal headboards are an inexpensive and easy way to add a touch of glamour or romance to your bedroom. Take the Serene Jessica Floor Standing headboard with its ornate design. Whether you choose yours in  Antique Brass or in Nickel, either way this is like adding a piece of art to your bedroom.

For a simpler design you really cannot fault the Serene Ashley Floor Standing headboard pictured. Its elegant, elongated lines make for a dramatic, yet unfussy finish to your bed. All accented with crystal effect finishing accessories and available in Nickel and Black Nickel. This is available in a small double (120cm) to a super kingsize (180cm).

Bedtime readers have often avoided both metal and wooden headboards in the past due to them being less comfortable to lean on compared with their upholstered cousins. However, the Serene collection can be great for readers as well. The gaps in the design when combined with extra pillows can make for an incredibly comfortable book haven – perhaps even comfier than the upholstered version.

If you fancy transforming your bedroom with a new headboard why not ask one of our team for advice? We’ll help you find the perfect one to transform your bedroom.