Second Hand Mattresses If you read one article about them read this one

It was no surprise to read the Sleep Councils article on mattresses being the most unwanted second hand item around. Apparently in a recent poll this topped the list.

The problem with the average second hand mattress is that they are past their best and the reason they are being replaced is because they are knackered! You would be surprised at the age and state of most of the mattresses we have to dispose of. We offer a disposal service to our customers and are frequently told:

  • Second-Hand-Mattresses-Graphic-350My mattress is as good a new, I’ll see if a friend wants it
  • It’s only 5 years old; I’ll give it to a charity.
  • It’s in perfect condition, I’ll sell it.

Believe me; the vast majority of these beauties are not going to find another home. There’s a very good reason they’re buying a new one. And there’s a very good reason no one will want the old one. If the previous owner doesn’t want to sleep on it, you can bet you won’t. Even the recycling centres, tips and land fill sites don’t want old mattresses. They’re a nightmare to dispose of and it’s extremely expensive to do so. They really are an unloved item.

The Sleep Council lists some great reasons for not wanting a second hand mattress and for buying a new one. In a few words, the key reasons for not using one are:

  • The mattress is just old and worn out
  • It’s dirty, stained with goodness knows what and unhygienic
  • Being unsupportive it won’t help your sleep
  • If you suffer aches and pains there’s a very good chance your mattress needs replacing.
  • FIRA (the Furniture Industry Research Association) believe that the springs and material used in the manufacturing process could have deteriorated by up to 70% over a 7 year period.

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