When the sun shines, it inspires us to think about decorating or giving our home a fresh new look.

We’re all guilty of making sure our living rooms look great and often overlook our bedrooms. After all, most house guests don’t get to see the bedrooms. So at Big Brand Beds, we think it’s the time to focus on giving your bedroom a makeover. We’ll leave the decorating to the DIY stores and concentrate on the beds.

Hypnos, who proudly boast a Royal Warrant – by appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11, have a wonderful array of furnishing options to brighten up your bedroom. You might be quite happy with your bed, but a smart new headboard will give your bedroom a real lift.

Of course, Hypnos have a great range of beds and mattresses, with a multitude of base choices that can be upholstered in a vast number of fabrics.


Hypnos Super Storage Ottoman divan bedFor the household that requires additional storage space, the Hypnos Hideaway base is a winner. Effectively, the whole base is one open storage unit, cleverly concealed by upholstered valances. The additional height of the Hideaway base allows for a huge amount of storage space. The Hypnos Superstorage ottoman base (pictured) is another excellent option. Although not as deep as the Hideaway, the Superstorage ottoman provides an enormous amount of storage utilising the whole base. Simply lift the divan base, an operation made easy with the use of strong hydraulic struts and hide your bed linen etc away. Hypnos also manufacture bases with a selection of drawer options.


All the Hypnos headboards can be upholstered to match the divans and storage bases. You can create a show piece with a Katherine winged headboard or you might prefer the understated elegance of a euro slim headboard. These are floor standing headboards that fit flush with the width of your bed to give a tailored look. For a bit more show, the floor standing euro wide headboards protrude 10cm either side of the bed. Both the euro slim and euro wide headboards are at least 130cm high and are fully upholstered to the floor. If you prefer the traditional look, a strutted headboard which sits above the mattress is the choice for you.


Once you’ve chosen your bed and headboard, you’ll need to decide on the upholstery. And to be honest, if you can’t find a suitable fabric in the Hypnos collection, you’ll struggle. They have over 50 high quality fabrics, from the dramatic Cayenne Coral to the best selling Weave Biscuit. If you’re unsure about your choice, fear not. Hypnos have a fabric sample service and will post cuttings to you.

If the sunshine is bringing out the interior designer in you check out our range of Hypnos beds, mattresses, headboards and storage solutions at our showroom in Keymer Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 0AD. You won’t be disappointed!