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With March being National Bed Month, it is the ideal time to give your sleeping arrangements a little special attention and perhaps even consider treating yourself to a new place to sleep. Whilst many of us take great care of our health by eating well and exercising, it really is necessary to consider where we spend most of our time. The average person sleeps for one third of their life, so where that time is spent is definitely of importance.

It is recommended that you replace their bed every seven or so years to maintain optimum comfort, support and hygiene. Most people if they’re really honest aren’t sure how long they’ve had their current bed. if that’s the case, it’s more than likely time for a fresh look at where you lay your head.


Many people don't even stop to consider the hygiene aspect of what they are sleeping on. It is a fact that the average human sheds approximately a pound of skin per year and omits roughly half a pint of sweat a night. All this while sleeping. Although this is a pretty unpleasant thought, it is important to consider how much of this lingers in your bed. It is very unlikely that after seven years or so your mattress or bed is as clean as it was, even with regular airing or cleaning.

How to determine if it’s time for a new bed

There are many factors to consider when trying to decide if its time to make the investment and replace your bed. Starting with physical condition, some important points to consider are:

Child Asleep at Desk• Is your current bed large enough to accommodate who is sleeping in it?
• The age of the bed
• Is it dirty or in poor condition?
• Is the mattress lumpy or sagging?
• Are the legs or castors in good repair?

When it comes to getting maximum comfort and support out of your mattress it is important to consider points such as:

• Does the bed make disturbing creaks or noises throughout the night?
• Do you wake up feeling refreshed and rested?
• Do you start your day sore or with aches and pains in your body?
• Do you feel tired during the day from lack of sleep?

If it has become apparent it is time to replace your bed, the next step is to consider the size, type and brand of the bed you’d like. We have plenty of choice at Big Brand Beds. From Hypnos and Relyon to Myers and Slumberland, we have a great range of options to suit any size, type and brand preferences, and all at great prices too!

Choosing your mattress -The Big Tick Logo

Of course, once you’ve chosen your bed, it’s time to look for a new mattress. When making a purchase it’s best to make sure you get a mattress that has been approved by the National Bed Federation (NBF), by making sure it has the easily identifiable “Big Tick Logo”.

The Big Tick is awarded to British manufacturers only after their products have been submitted to rigorous testing to ensure they are being produced to meet the UK’s stringent flammability regulations are being met, and are up to snuff hygienically speaking.

By buying from Big Brand Beds, you’ll be sure you’re buying a bed that will be perfectly suited to your slumber needs, making for a good night, every night!

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