It was an early start for us to be in Huntingdon by 10.30am. We had come to see the latest offerings from Myers, Slumberland and Staples, 3 of our main bed and mattress suppliers.

Myers Beds & Mattresses

Myers BedsMyers launched a new and improved end lift Padded Top Ottoman Storage Divans across the range in response to customer demand for the more commercial end lifter style versions. This new north / south configuration only affects the current double and king size ottomans as they are side lifter options. The single and super king size remain unaffected as they are already end lifters.

Myers have launched 3 new Dreamworld models to enhance the range:-

  • The Dreamworld Azalea Easycare is a twin spring with layers of soft filling and a high grade stretch fabric available in all 6 colours. This model replaces the Aspen Easy care and is a really good upgrade.
  • The Dreamworld Orchid Orthocare Deluxe is a twin spring extra firm with a quality damask top panel again available in the 6 colours. A new addition for Dreamworld a truly extra firm ortho bed.
  • The Dreamworld Regal Charm is an 800 pocket with natural Wool and Cotton fillings and a quality knit fabric available in the 6 colours .Again a brand new model for Dreamworld.

They have also launched 2 exclusive AIS models:-

  • The Latex Premium is a twin spring model with Dunlopillo Latex featuring the Dunlopillo Logo.
  • The Memory Extra Pocket is an 800 pocket with Memory Foam. This is also promoted as a 150cm for 135cm.

The Juniper Memory comes out of Dreamworld but still remains an AIS exclusive.

Slumberland Beds & Mattresses

This year’s Show features a small number of refinements and changes that will enhance the current successful product ranges.

Slumberland have also launched a new and improved end lift Padded Top Ottoman Storage Divan base.

Due to the success of the current range of beds and mattresses, there are no changes. However, they have introduced 3 exciting new colour ways to the current range.  They are Aubergine, Spruce and Beech and are proven sellers within the Relyon collection. The Larch Memory comes out of Dreamworld but remains an AIS exclusive model.

Staples Beds & Mattresses

No changes here either. The current models are all relatively new. Staples have also introduced the north / south configured ottoman base. They have also introduced 2 new colourways to the upholstery palette. These are Aubergine and Duck Egg Blue.

As always, a very worthwhile trip. We look forward to receiving the new colour swatches into our store soon.