We're all busy and there are times when we can forget to do or order something. We’re only human after all! This can be the case with needing a new mattress. Some, like Hypnos can take up to 6 weeks to be made, depending on demand at the time of your order. However if speed is of the essence, this is where Breasley come in. They have a selection of mattresses available for a next day delivery if required. Provided you order before 11am you’ll get it for next day delivery. This doesn’t apply to Saturdays. They also have a range that takes 7-10 days. Now you can’t argue with that time frame can you? So as you’ve probably guessed it, I’m putting a Breasley mattress under the microscope.

This week I’ll be reviewing the Breasley Synergy 7000 Mattress

This mattress can sometimes be over looked. Is it because when people think ‘roll up’ mattress they think the quality has been compromised? They shouldn’t, because with modern technology and advancements in foam, memory foam and springs you’ll be surprised just how well this mattress holds up compared to its rivals.

Here on our showroom floor I have the 90cm / single size which isn’t the ideal size for me to test as my feet were dangling off the edge. I’m 6’3” but never the less I tried it for 30 or so minutes and I must say it was extremely comfortable. This mattress didn’t feel any different to me to one that might cost double the price. It supported me perfectly and I didn’t have that feeling the foam was molding to me too much. I could move freely and enjoy the full benefits that the 7cm of I-plus Memory foam has to offer.

I positioned myself as far on the edge as I could and didn’t notice any difference between that and the centre of the mattress. The support really is edge to edge, which probably owes something to the 18cm of high density foam underneath the memory foam. This makes the core of the mattress very supportive and strong while the layer of memory foam allows you to indulge into a good night’s sleep without compromise of support for your body. I decided to stay on the mattress for as long as I could 35/40 minutes and the whole time I didn’t feel myself getting any hotter even though it’s a beautiful day and our showroom is warm. It stayed incredibly cool, so when they say vented foam, they really mean it.  

The beauty of this mattress is it’s suitable for any bed base, so whether you have a slatted wooden frame or a divan base this will compliment all. Another key element to remember is some bedrooms aren’t very accessible and it is difficult to get a large standard mattress in. They shouldn’t be folded to get around corners or tricky staircases. The Breasley Synergy 7000 mattresses come vacuum packed, so in essence they come rolled up like a big sleeping bag making them ideal for those hard to reach rooms.

It’s comforting  to know that these are made in Britain and come with a full 5 year guarantee and 1 year guarantee on the covers making them on par if not above with most other mattresses that are available in the equivalent market.

I would personally have this mattress in my home. It’s supportive, comfortable and unlike many others it’s not too heavy, making it all that bit easier to rotate when needed. It does not require turning which is another great benefit.