Bed Month logoWith all these horrible storms hitting the UK every couple of weeks it makes you just want to jump into bed and hibernate till summer. Of course, with jobs and responsibilities none of us can really dedicate a month to sleeping. But you can dedicate a month to sleep awareness!

For over twenty years now March has been National Bed Month. Organised by the Sleep Council, National Bed month encourages people to remember that a good night’s sleep is essential to our health. Everyone should use National Bed Month as an excuse to really put their bedroom through an MOT, because if you manage to get your bedroom in tip-top order it could equate to an extra 42 minutes of sleep for you every night. Come a Monday morning we bet we’d all have appreciated an extra 42 minutes snoozing.

So where do you start with your bedroom MOT? Well a good start is to look at the clutter in your room. A peaceful, calm environment will mirror in your mind making you get to sleep a lot quicker than you would be surrounded by lots of belongings. Use March as an excuse to spring clean your bedroom. Take old, unwanted clothes or objects to the charity shops. Give your room a new lick of paint in a nice, relaxing colour. You should also think about ditching technology from the bedroom. Televisions, laptops and tablets are just an excuse for you to procrastinate from actually sleeping. Plus these pieces of technology will far from relax you. Social media, the news and many television shows are full of violence and upsetting things – which will keep you awake! Think about a book before bed instead as reading relaxes the mind.

Of course, no bedroom MOT would be complete without looking at the state of your mattress and bed. Now the rule of thumb says that a mattress that is older than 8 years should be replaced but really you should inspect your mattress no matter what age it is.

Have a look at your mattress and ask yourself one question, would you let your friends or family see it without sheets? If the answer is no then you probably need to think about getting yourself a new mattress. Look for bumps, lumps and sagging in your mattress, if you see any of these then it’s likely that your mattress won’t be providing you with the adequate support you need for a good night’s sleep.

Another key thing to look out for is whether your mattress makes any weird noises at night. If you toss and turn (another sign your mattress is past its best) and get woken by squeaking or wheezing then you will definitely not be getting enough sleep.

If your mattress is showing more than one of these signs then now is the time to act. Make the most of National Bed Month and invest in your bedroom. Create your own little nirvana that you’re excited to get into every night.

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