You might have heard an old wife’s tale that says that you can cure a sore back by sleeping on the floor. Of course a lot of these remedies are nonsense, but is there any truth to the idea that a firm surface can help your back?

Sealy-Ortho-Backcare-Excel-Mattress-400Well chiropractors, doctors and other medical professionals certainly believe so, indeed it appears that a firm mattress can have a multitude of benefits for your health including:

Proper Weight Distribution

A soft mattress will not properly distribute your weight – especially if it’s getting old. Old mattresses can begin to sag in areas and this means your body will sag too. If you continue to sleep on a mattress that doesn’t distribute your weight evenly this will lead to misalignment in your joints and muscles.

Superior Comfort

Some people are put off by the idea of a firmer mattress as they believe it will feel harder to sleep on. However, once you get over the initial shock you’ll find that a firm mattress is actually incredibly comfortable. Keep in mind that when it comes to back, neck and joint pain that you can have too little support, but you can never have too much support.

Deeper Rest

Various scientific studies have confirmed the fact that your body needs adequate, quality sleep a night in order to function at your best the next day. Your brain needs 6-8 hours good sleep a night to recalibrate, but if your mattress is sagging or too soft your body will spend the night trying to compensate for the lack of support. This means you can wake up feeling tired, sore and irritable rather than refreshed in the morning. A firm mattress will provide adequate support by aligning your spine during the night, which in turn can help with back, neck and joint pain.

Ongoing Health Benefits

A firmer mattress won’t just improve your health in the short term by alleviating pain, by improving your nightly sleep you’ll also experience health benefits in the future. This is because as you sleep during the night your body is busy working hard to keep your body in the best condition. This includes your cells restoring themselves, your insulin levels reducing, and the human growth hormone being released. Just think, if you didn’t have a firmer mattress then you might be missing out on all these health benefits.

Choose the Right Mattress Firmness for You

Keep in mind that the benefits of getting a firm mattress isn’t as simple as going out and picking the first firm mattress you see – choosing the wrong firm mattress can actually cause more health problems that it fixes.

Your mattress needs to be firm enough to give a natural alignment to your spine, however if it’s too firm the mattress will push on key pressure points in your spine and actually cause it to become out of alignment. But, if you choose a mattress that is too soft then your spine will get zero support and flop. It is crucial that you pick the right support for yourself.

In general, your mattress firmness should be based on age, sleeping position, body weight and your history of back pain. For instance, if you sleep on your side mostly you should get a bed that will both contour to your shape and provide adequate support.

If you are interested in a firm mattress but aren’t sure what one would be best for your needs then don’t hesitate to ask in-store for advice. Our team will help find your perfect fit so you can start having the best night’s sleep possible.