I’m All About that Bass. In this Case Base

Be honest, how many of you thought Meghan Trainor sung “I’m all about that base.....no trouble”? I know lots of you did. Listen again and you'll hear that it’s treble not trouble, so it was clearly bass not base.

Now that we’ve cleared that up and know that the lyric is “I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble” it kind of ruins the theme for this blog article. Had it been All About that Base we could have had a field day writing about our quality Hypnos divan bases.

Deep or Shallow Divan

We could have told you about the vast choice of upholstered divan bases from luxury bed manufacturer Hypnos. How you start by choosing either a traditional deep divan base with chrome castors or a modern floating shallow divan base with legs which gives a bedstead appearance.

Base Type

Divan Base Line DrawingsWe would then have told you how to fine tune the comfort of your base so as to give you the optimum comfort and support. We’d have let you know that if it was extra comfort you were after, go for a sprung edge divan base, with either pocket springs or open coil springs  across the full width and length of the divan base. If you required extra comfort and support right up to the edge of the bed, we would have advised a firm edge divan base, with pocket springs or open coil springs covering the sleeping area, but with a timber outer edge. Then again, if it was a firmer feel you were after, you’d be told about the solid platform top divan base, which has no springs.

Hypnos Hideaway BaseStorage Options

Once you’d chosen which base you wanted we’d have looked at the storage options available on a deep divan base. You’d have learnt that a Hypnos bed comes with multiple drawer options, ottoman storage or as a hideaway divan. Now we would have guessed that you were all familiar with drawer divans and ottoman divans, but not so sure about Hypnos’ Hideaway base.

You would hear that Hideaway divans (pictured) provide even greater storage capacity compared with drawers. That all hideaway storage areas are concealed behind upholstered valances, which cover the full height of the divan base, allowing easy access to stored items.


You would then have been presented with a range of 40 exquisite fabrics which could be used to upholster your bed and then on to the mattresses.

Thinking about it, it’s a real shame Meghan Trainor didn’t sing “I’m all about that base.....no trouble”. Had she done so we might have learnt a bit more about luxurious Hypnos divan bases! If you require further help, call us on 01273 857388 as we are unable to show every option available online. Hypnos are a truly bespoke bed maker.