Winter is all about long nights, snuggled up in a cosy house while our British weather wages war outside. And one of the most important rooms in our home to keep warm are our bedrooms, as temperature is key when it comes to a good night’s sleep.

John Atkinson BlanketOur bodies can be pretty complicated pieces of machinery when it comes to sleep. Not only do we need our mattresses and pillows to give our body enough support during the night so it can repair and prepare ourselves for the next day, we also need our rooms to be at optimal temperature for this to happen too.

This means that if your bedroom is too warm or too cold, then you’re more likely to wake during the night, interrupting important sleep. Unfortunately, though, this isn’t as simple as a one temperature fits all approach to sleeping. Some of us run warmer, so we won’t need to warm our rooms up as much in winter and others run cold, meaning we will need more warmth to reach that optimal temperature for sleeping.

For couples finding that right temperature can be especially tricky. If you both run cold, then you can simply put on your higher tog (13.5) duvet and both be happy, but what happens when one or both of you runs warm? Perhaps a winter duvet isn’t the best option! What about a blanket instead?

Many of us forget about blankets when it comes to winter warmth. A blanket is an incredibly versatile addition to a bedroom, especially for couples who like different degrees of warmth. If you’re too warn for a duvet a blanket can make for a far better sleep, or, on the other end, if you’re cold you can add a blanket on top of your duvet too. A blanket or two can also be perfect for couples who often fight over the duvet. Get yourself two blankets and you’ll never care about that pesky duvet again.  

But, you shouldn’t just settle for any old blanket you see, for the best comfort and cosiness this winter, you want a blanket that is fit for royalty.

John Atkinson have been creating the best in luxurious blankets for over 200 years, and even boast themselves as the creators of England’s finest blankets. Which is backed up by the fact these blankets hold a Royal Warrant, meaning they are special enough for the Queen to snuggle up to during those cold winter months.

Made from the finest wools sourced from around the globe, these includes cashmere, pure new wool and merino blankets, that are then woven into beautiful blankets in the UK using the widest looms in the country.

A John Atkinson blanket can also be thought of as an investment, as while other blankets will only last a year or two at the most, each of these blankets is made to last. In fact, the company suggests that you keep and pass your blanket on to your future generations.

So, if you’re looking for something to treat yourself with to get you through the long winter months, a John Atkinson blanket should be high on that wish list.