Not everyone likes the same kind of holidays. For some the perfect break is a relaxing holiday sipping cocktails on the beach with a good book. Others prefer a cultural trip where you learn the exciting history of a culture. Perhaps you like a mix of the two! No, we may have different opinions on holidays but there is one thing we can all agree on – hotel beds are ridiculously comfy.

There is just something distinctively luxurious and comfortable about the beds in hotels. Indeed, a lot of the time it’s what we’re looking forward to most! Jumping into that gorgeous bed after a long flight knowing that you’re about to start a wonderful holiday. You never want to leave!

But what if you could make your bed at home just as comfortable as the hotel beds we fantasize so much about? Well it’s entirely possible with just a few tips and tricks. In fact, in just 6 simple tips you could have your own luxury hotel bed.

Invest in a good mattress and mattress topper

Ever noticed that you get an amazing sleep in a hotel room? It’s not just because you’re less stressed, it’s also to do with the mattress. Hotels will regularly replace their mattresses and will tend to invest in a good-quality medium-firm mattress. These mattresses will also have a luxurious topper on them for extra comfort. Think duck feather mattress topper for a superb finish.

Hotel-BedroomGood quality pillows – and lots of them!

Nothing says comforting sleep like big, fluffy pillows. You should never, ever skimp on your pillows. You’ll end up spending twice as much regularly replacing limp pillows. There are lots of different pillow types on the market (everything from memory foam to duck feather) so you’ll need to do some research into what pillows will suit your needs. Having at least 3 pillows on each side will give that hotel feel. Adding pillow protectors under your pillow cases will also give a smooth finish to your pillows.

White sheets

At home we tend to fill our bedrooms with bright colours, especially on our bed covers. However, most hotel rooms go for neutral white. Why? Well not only is white a calming shade that will get you to sleep but it also screams hotel. You’ll not run into the problem of fading colour sheets either.

Good quality sheets

It’s no good having lots of nice pillows and a super comfy mattress for you to finish it off with cheap, scratchy sheets. Invest in sheets! Hotels always use high thread count cotton sheets. The kind of sheets that make you want to stay in bed forever. High thread count sheets are cheaper than you might think, plus higher quality means they will last longer.

Iron your sheets

It might sound like an absolute chore (because it IS an absolute chore), but ironing your sheets will make a massive difference to the final look of your sheets. It also adds that glorious crisp feel to your bed.

Add the finishing touches!

Quilted throws and cushions are a wonderful way to add a splash of colour to your fabulous hotel bed. For extra luxury use more than one throw and choose a throw bigger than your bed (i.e. if you have a double bed buy a king size throw). That’s how all the bed showrooms make their beds look so good! It’s the perfect finish to your new hotel bed.

And if it's a hotel bed you are after, look no further than the Hypnos Alto Pillowtop. This is a similar model to the Hypnos bed promoted by Lenny Henry on TV for Premier Inns.

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