Memory foam mattresses are one of the most popular type available on the market.

And there’s little wonder as to why – memory foam can offer orthopaedic relief for sufferers of back pain. However, they are not just for people who suffer from back pain. These mattresses, which were actually developed by NASA in 1966 for safe aircraft cushions, have numerous benefits for everyone.

What can a memory foam mattress offer you?

Memory foam mattresses respond to each person’s individual body heat, which makes the foam contort to your body’s shape. This is really beneficial to your body as it allows your spine to naturally realign as you sleep whereas normal standard mattresses force your body into a linear shape. Studies have shown that as much as 60% of people can wake-up with a sore back – by sleeping on a memory foam mattress you can help prevent back pain.

This heat reaction also allows the mattress to store your body heat and keep you snuggly warm during the winter months. Perfect for everyone who hates the cold.

But a memory foam mattress doesn’t just give you a good night’s sleep by forming into the shape of your body and keeping you warm. It also helps stop your partner waking you up during the night. By creating a comfortable sleeping position, it can put a person into a deeper sleep, which prevents frequent tossing and turning. Not only does this give a person a greater quality of sleep, it might also prevent your partner waking you up from their tossing and turning too. You should also find that your partner should be able to leave the bed without disturbing you too – perfect if one of you works late or early shifts.

What type of memory foam should you pick?

Like any mattress, you must choose your memory foam type based on your own individual needs. Each type of memory foam has its own advantages and disadvantages, the key to finding your perfect foam is to compare each type to what you’re looking for:

Traditional Memory Foam

Traditional memory foam hasn’t changed much since it was first put on the market – why change something which is so effective? The only real disadvantage of traditional memory foam is that is can retain a lot of heat. This means it might be too warm for people who like to sleep cooler.

Geltex Memory Foam

Think of gel foam as traditional memory foam but with added benefits. Just like the traditional variety, gel memory foam will allow your spine to realign and give you a good night’s sleep. The main difference is that gel memory foam has added beads of gel contained within the mattress that bonds with the memory foam to create extra air circulation within the mattress. This air circulation acts as a temperature regulator meaning you won’t overheat in summer but you’ll still be kept cosy in winter. These gel beads also create a firmer mattress meaning you won’t sink into it quite so much.

Latex Foam

The biggest advantage of latex foam compared to other memory foams is that it prevents that sinking feeling that people dislike. Traditional memory foam lets you sink into the mattress and can stop you from moving, whereas latex foam is more flexible allowing you to move around easier. Latex will still let your body sink into a natural position for your spine, however it won’t make you feel like you’re stuck in the mattress.