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Every time one of our children has another birthday we get two pangs of sadness – not only are they growing up far too fast but, more worryingly, there’s lots of new presents that can be a nightmare to store. Especially as so many new houses these days lack the necessary storage for a family.

Plus, there’s no spare room for large built-in wardrobes or chest of drawers and other furniture. Which can make you feel like you’re constantly having clear-outs and reshuffling everyone’s belongings.

What you really need is lots of spare storage that takes up zero space – which might seem impossible but might be more realistic that you might have imagined! All you need is an Ottoman bed. A clever invention that will solve all your storage needs.

Fulfil Your Storage Needs with an Ottoman BedAn Ottoman bed is very similar to a divan bed in how it looks, except the entire inside of the bed is hollow, allowing you to fill it with anything you need stored. This is a particularly clever use of storage as we all have beds, so by having a storage bed, it does feel like you’re getting extra storage out of nowhere.

Unlike normal divan beds, which offer drawer storage, an Ottoman bed will give you far more storage space. Drawers will be enough to store a few extra towels or shoes, but with the fully hollowed-out Ottoman bed you will be able to store far more items. Indeed, you might be surprised at just how much of your belongings you’ll be able to hide away in your new bed.

Of course, you may be worried about how your bed opens, and if this is going to be too heavy or fiddly to bother with, especially if you want to get regular access to the items in your bed. This needn’t be a worry though, as it comes with its own gas-lift hydraulics in-built into the frame. These hydraulics make lifting the top off your bed very simple, as it provides powered lifting. Even better, these keep the bed lifted in place so you don’t need to worry about awkwardly trying to grab your items while keeping the bed open. Nor do you need to worry about the top landing on children or pets. When you’re finished you can simply tap the top and it will return down, with no effort. Your belongings are now hidden away from sight and will be protected from dust and sunlight, so you rest assure that your items are safe.

Ottoman beds come in a variety of styles and colours, meaning you don’t have to compromise style for storage. You can get your new bed in the exact style and colour as you want – the storage is just an added bonus. Then simply finish off your new Ottoman with a headboard to complete your look. Here is where you can really customise your bed to your style, whether that be simple or show-stopping. Our best seller is the Hypnos Super Storage Ottoman base (pictured) which can be upholstered in 45 fabrics and has a great range of headboards to match.

Indeed, we think that you’ll love your new Ottoman so much that you’ll want to introduce one into all your bedrooms. These beds also come in singles, meaning you could install one in your child’s bedroom too. Just think, you can store all those toys your child doesn’t play with, but would be horrified if you gave them away. So, when they randomly ask for a certain toy they’ve not played with in over a year, you won’t face a tantrum when you can’t produce it!

If you’re interested in your very own Ottoman bed, simply have a look at our online range and get in touch if you have any queries.