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We recently brought to you our ‘Sleeping Habits of the Rich & Famous’ infographic.

 This revealed the sleeping habits of the likes of Margret Thatcher, Richard Branson and Leonardo Da Vinci. We discovered that Da Vinci followed an extreme polyphasic sleep cycle that meant sleeping for a mere twenty minutes every four hours!

Sleeping-Habits-Rich-&-Famous-InfographicWe may be constantly advised on the importance of purchasing a high quality mattress and ensuring we snuggle up in bed for a good eight hours solidly. However, our infographic shows that some of the most successful people in the world certainly haven’t followed this advice. So, we’ve decided to follow it up by taking a look at some bizarre modern-day celebrity sleeping habits…

Tom Ford – One of the world’s most successful fashion designer’s, Tom Ford only manages to get three hours sleep a night.

Tom Cruise – From one Tom to the next, Tom Cruise is a loud snorer, and we all know how annoying snoring can be! Well, his ex wife Katie Holmes seemed to get fed-up too, so Cruise paid for a Snoratorium to be built. This is a room that is padded and atmospherically controlled so he can snore the night away.

Michael Phelps – Whilst the Olympian was at the height of his success he used to sleep in a high altitude chamber so that he could effectively train while he was asleep. So much for a good old bed and mattress!

Sergio Marchionne – The CEO of Fiat only gets four hours sleep a night, with Fortune’s Alex Taylor stating that cigarettes and coffee keep him going through the day.

Eminem – The rapper constantly travels around the world, which leaves him feeling unsure about the time of day/night. So he requests that all hotels place aluminium foil around the window edges, to blacken the room, and that they put white noise on the music system.

Mariah Carey – Whilst the likes of Winston Churchill and the great Wolfgang Mozart cut their sleeping hours, Mariah Carey likes to take the opposite approach, by sleeping for a whopping 15 hours at a time. We’re sure her bed is too luxurious to get out of! The singer also apparently sleeps surrounded by 20 humidifiers to create a steam room effect.

Indra Nooyi – She is one of the world’s most prominent female executives and thus it’s probably of no surprise that the CEO of PepsiCo only gets four hours sleep each night. She’s in good company, as the likes of Margaret Thatcher and Voltaire only slept for four hours.

As you can see, there are some people who sleep in very bizarre ways – maybe if they found the right mattress, it wouldn’t be too difficult to sleep better!