Adjustables beds logoAdjustables – Beds that move at the touch of a button.

We have just completely updated our range of 7 Adjustables electric beds with new images and stunning new fabrics.

Adjustables has over 50 years experience in the business and provide specialist and professional service in the bed industry that include:

  • Photo of the Adjustables Grand Duke Adjustable Bed Undressed 400 206Made solely in England by their own skilled craftsmen
  • All products are bespoke made
  • Energy saving electric motors with 2 year guarantee
  • 5 year warranty
  • Domestic and commercial ranges available
  • Over 100 bed combinations to choose from
  • Largest storage range in the industry
  • Ottomans are fully assembled as a piece of furniture
  • Special sizes available on most models

All the raw materials used in the construction of Adjustables’ bases comply with FSC Certification and they only use sustainable supplies of timber derived from managed forests. The MDF is CARB 2 compliant and the glue used is solvent free water based urea-formaldehyde.

For many years, our 2 best selling models are the Princess and the Grand Duchess.

Adjustables Princess Bed

The Adjustables Princess mattress has individually nested pocket springs made from tempered steel. Filled with the finest quality fillings and upholstered in top quality damask, the mattress is finished with felt washers, handles and air vents. This medium feel mattress gives perfect support from head to foot.

The Grand Duchess Bed

The Grand Duchess adjustable bed mattress has a 20cm deep latex mattress with a super soft quilted, removable cover. The 7 comfort zones support every part of your body. The open cell structure of latex allows air to circulate freely inside the mattress. It is self ventilating and keeps moisture away. It is hypo allergenic, anti bacterial and ideal for asthma sufferers. This bed will provide you with a level of comfort that is synonymous with an adjustable bed of this outstanding quality helping relieving back, neck, joint and muscle pains.