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a bedroom

Buying Guide

When it comes to furnishing your bedroom, there is a wide range of bedroom furniture styles to choose from.

This handy buying guide from us here at Big Brand Beds is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to pick the perfect furniture.



The perfect look often starts with choosing the ideal material. A solid wood has a beautiful natural appearance, with individual looks to the grains and colour. A real wood finish is often a cheaper option but still retains the look of real wood, as it is finished with a thin layer of wood, although it will be more lightweight. If you are looking for a finish in which everything co-ordinates, a wood effect or painted finish is ideal. Depending on the style you are after, real wood will create a more traditional finish, whereas for a modern look, Stuart Jones bedroom furniture is ideal.


Deciding what you need

A bedroom needs a few essential pieces of bedroom furniture, with a bed and its mattress being the most important. Once you have decided what size bed you need, it is time to decide on the mattress type - for example, foam or pocket sprung, soft or firm.

Storage space is the other important branded furniture element. The most common items to pick are a wardrobe, bedside cabinets, chest of drawers and a dressing table.


Choosing the right pieces

Our range of furniture and furnishings makes it easy to pick a variety of furniture options to create the perfect bedroom setup. Simply mix and match the various pieces and choose styles and sizes which will fit into your bedroom and its layout. Bear in mind your storage requirements: if you need extra space, under bed drawers or large wardrobes with internal shelves can be an excellent addition. Both brand furniture and branded furniture is often available either ready assembled or as a flat pack box for easy collection.


Measure your bedroom

Once you have picked out the items you would like, make a note of its dimensions and double check that it will all fit comfortably in the room, including doorway widths.

It can help to produce a scale drawing of the room and plan how all the furniture will fit.


Access requirements

It isn't just your bedroom dimensions you will need to check. You should also double check the access requirements from the front door to the bedroom.

Tricky stairs and narrow hallways can make it extremely difficult to manoeuvre large pre-assembled items.