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Sealy sleep studio logoWe have just had a meeting with the representatives from Sealy beds and there design and shop fitting consultants to discuss introducing a Sealy Studio into our Rustington shop.

This would involve refitting the existing Silentnight Comfort Zone area. It is a big commitment, but as Sealy Posturepedic Beds are one of our top suppliers it is worthy of serious consideration. We can see big benefits for both the shop and our Sussex based customers.

The existing Comfort Zone divides beds from Sealy, Silentnight and Rest Assured into zones of soft beds, medium beds and firm beds. It has been a very successful concept, but is 5 years old and needs refreshing.

This is where Sealy Beds come in. At present we have a range of 6 great Sealy beds in our showroom.

  • Sealy Dreamworld Polaris Memory Luxury divan & mattress
  • Sealy Dreamworld Equinox Posture Zone 5 divan & mattress
  • Sealy Dreamworld Meridian Posture Zone 7 divan & mattress
  • Sealy Amersham Pocket 2400 divan & mattress
  • Sealy Ascot Platinum divan & mattress
  • Sealy Memory Luxury divan & mattress

To justify having a dedicated Sealy Studio we will have to introduce 3 new beds and a range of mattresses. The Sealy beds that would balance our range are the Sealy Cameo 2400 Ortho divan & mattress, Sealy Ortho Backcare Supreme divan & mattress, Sealy Menfi divan & mattress. This introduces 2 firm beds to the range, which are available in all sizes and a single bed.

We would also introduce 7 Sealy mattresses.

  • Sealy Erika Mattress (4’6” quilted Sealy mattress)
  • Sealy Grace Mattress (4’6” tufted Sealy mattress)
  • Sealy Juliet Mattress (4’6” quilted bedstead mattress from the Sealy Silver Collection)
  • Sealy’ Charlotte Mattress (4’6” tufted bedstead mattress from the Sealy Silver Collection)
  • Sealy Freya Mattress (4’6” quilted bedstead mattress from the Sealy Gold Collection)
  • Sealy Imogen Mattress (4’6” tufted bedstead mattress from the Sealy Gold Collection)
  • Sealy Finesse Mattress (4’6” quilted pillow top Sealy mattress)

We have another site survey arranged for later next week, when a team of designers will visit us and produce a 3D presentation for us.

We will keep you posted as to how things progress; but in the meantime, we have a great range of Sealy beds which you can browse online today.

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