Poppy Field

The first signs of spring are starting to show. The days are getting longer, the snowdrops are starting to appear and we can all finally start turning the heating off to save our bills. But that means there’s a big event, one that we all dread, coming up. That’s right, it’s almost time to start your spring cleaning!

Now, before you become too distraught, not all spring cleaning is totally awful. In fact, a spring clean can be the perfect excuse for you to really change your bedroom for the year ahead. After-all, winter is all about cosy blankets and warm colours, where as in spring you want lightness and airiness in your bedroom. So where do you start?


Somehow over winter we seem to accumulate a lot more belongings. Perhaps it’s Christmas or all those tempting winter sales, but come spring and your wardrobe and drawers are bulging. It’s just begging for a good room de-clutter. After-all, a cluttered bedroom can lead to a cluttered mind meaning you don’t get those 8 hours of quality sleep you need a night. Of course, if you don’t want to get rid of any of your belongings you can always invest in some new bedroom furniture to house it all.


Cleaning is one thing, but you can never quite scrub down all the walls. Instead, there’s nothing quite like a new lick of paint in a room to totally change its look and feel. Spring and the New Year is all about a new you and a new bedroom is a great start to those changes. Crisp white gloss on the doors and skirting boards will instantly make your room look more airy as will bright, summery colours for the walls. Think pale yellows, lilacs and greens to really bring those wonderful spring nature colours into your bedroom.

Ditch Non-Bedroom Things

If you’re going to the effort to rid yourself of clutter and get out the paint cans then you should also seriously think about ditching all that technology that is harming your sleep. Recent studies have shown that avid social media users are much more likely to have their sleep disturbed when they browse sites like Facebook or Instagram before bed as these sites raise emotions that make it hard for you to relax. Then there’s the news that the bright lights of phones and tablets can seriously disturb your internal body clock, fooling your body into thinking it’s daytime. Getting rid of all technology from the bedroom is the perfect way to improve your sleep this spring.

Get to the Shops!

Of course, getting your bedroom ready for spring isn’t all about hard work and giving up your belongings. You should also use it as an excuse to treat yourself! Think new curtains, bed clothes, cushions – an entire new bedroom. You could even go the full mile and deck out your bedroom with an entire new bedroom suite. Or even a new bed Pictured is the Serene Solomon bed frame in nickel. After the season of giving, spring should be all about spoiling yourself with a fabulous new boudoir for the year – plus the more you treat yourself to the less you need to clean!

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Image courtesy of Simon Howden at FreeDigitalPhotos.net