Well it’s official – 2016 is upon us! And what a quick year and festive season it has been. It only seems like yesterday since the Christmas tree was getting lugged out the attic or hut. The dead spiders removed and the lights detangled after a lot of cursing and a trip to the local DIY store to buy new ones. Of course, it can be sad to pack away all those Holiday decorations, but New Year is an incredibly positive time.

Happy 2016Which is why Big Brand Beds would like to thank everyone who chose to be our customer in 2015 – we are incredibly grateful for you all and we are incredibly exited to meet all our new and returning customers in the year to come. Indeed, we might even be able to help you all with some of those New Year resolutions.

But before you reach for the celery sticks and green tea, it’s not just your diet that you should be changing in 2016. You might not realise it, but a lot of our health issues can start in the bedroom. From insomnia to old, uncomfortable mattresses and even a bad case of the dust mites – if your bedroom isn’t up to scratch then your health will suffer. So why not commit this year’s New Year’s resolution to a revamp of your bedroom? After-all, a happy bedroom leads to a positive mind and a healthy life!

Sure, we might not be able to personal train you towards that six-pack, but if you need advice on how to improve your bedroom then our team are ready to help and armed with lots of advice. Perhaps you can’t relax enough to get to sleep at night. We can give you advice on relaxing colours and tips to calm your mind before you sleep. Similarly, if it’s your mattress that keeping you tossing during the night we will advise you on a bed that can will suit your personal needs. This can be of particular importance if you suffer from a bad back – you might not believe just how much a new mattress can improve chronic pain. Plus, did you know that a suitable mattress can help with snoring? So you might not need to find a new, sounder-sleeping husband in 2016 either!

And why stop there, go the full resolution hog and kit out your entire bedroom in brand new furniture. It’s about time that a New Year’s resolution was fun rather than avoiding the gym and feeling guilty. This year is about being good to yourself. All you need to do is have a chat to a member of our team – no matter what you need help with we can guide you to the perfect furniture for your needs.

Really, what could be better than starting off 2016 than with a big fabulous bed and matching furniture to scoff biscuits in? Well… we never did say we could help you stick to that diet. Happy New Year everyone! 

Image courtesy of franky242 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net