We all love summer with its long nights, picnics in the park and trips to the beach. Yet with our favourite season comes a problem, the difficulty in trying to get to sleep in hot temperatures. Tossing and turning, feeling sweaty and unsettled – summer can make for a terrible sleeping time unless you take steps to keep yourself cool. Which is why, if you want to ensure your summer nights are kept as cool as the ice you put in your mojito, you should follow our top tips for a cool night’s sleep:

1: Choose Cotton Sheets

The bedding you choose for the summer months will seriously affect how cool you feel at night. Light-coloured, lightweight cotton sheets are breathable and will promote airflow and ventilation in your bedroom making you feel cooler.

2: Have Seasonal Duvets

In winter you should opt for a duvet of around 10.5 to 13.5 tog, which will keep you warm and cosy, but in summer you’ll only need a duvet of around 6 tog. Some might only require a 4.5 tog. Invest in a seasonal duvet, which splits into separate duvets for different times of year. Die Zudecke duvets are perfect for summer.

Sunny All Week3: Turn Your Hot Water Bottle into an Ice Pack

Just like you would fill your hot water bottle with hot water in winter to keep you warm, in summer fill it with cold water and put it in the freezer. It will keep you cool without getting your bed wet.

4: Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

You might think that the less clothes you wear, the cooler you will be but this isn’t the case. Less clothes means that sweat will stick to your body. Instead opt for loose fitting pyjamas, preferably in cotton as this is breathable.

5: Turn off the Technology

Unplug chargers, televisions and other gadgets that give off heat – even when turned off. Not only will you save energy but you’ll cool down your room too. The same goes for turning off light bulbs. Try to turn any bedroom lights off well before you go to bed as even energy-saving light bulbs give off heat.

6: Shower Before Bed

If you’re feeling warm before bed have a tepid bath or shower. The tepid water will cool down your core body temperature and get rid of any residual sweat leaving you feeling cool, clean and relaxed before bed.

7: Block Out the Sun

You can keep your bedroom cooler by blocking out the sun during the day. Close your curtains or blinds while you’re out or at work to keep the hot rays out. Combine this with an open window to allow a breeze into your room.

8: Get a Fan

If there isn’t a strong enough breeze at night to keep you cool a fan could be a great option. However, don’t point the fan at your face as the cold will cause your muscles to seize. Rather point your fan towards your open window as this will create a pleasant cross-breeze.

9: Invest in a Temperature Regulating Mattress

Temperature regulating mattresses are the latest in memory foam technology to help users get a great night’s sleep. These Geltex mattresses help maintain your natural body temperature meaning that you’ll stay both warm in winter and cool in summer while supporting your body. Look no further than our best selling Silentnight Mirapocket 2000 Geltex Topaz mattress.

10: Keep Hydrated

When it’s warm you sweat, which can cause dehydration that in turn causes poor sleep. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking a glass before bed, but try not to drink too much or you’ll find yourself running to the bathroom. 

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net