The run up to Christmas is an incredibly magic time. Well… more so for the kids who get to eat chocolate for breakfast and put all their worldly desires on a list that will get fulfilled for them. For us adults, though, the run up to Christmas can be the most stressful time of year.

Especially with all those lists to fulfil, Christmas feasts to plan and intense house cleans to orchestrate to ensure your family’s version of Kim and Aggie have nothing to moan about. No, we only really get to enjoy Christmas come the evening of the 25th, when we can finally put our feet up and enjoy a glass of bubbly while watching the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special.

Creating a Guest Bedroom in Time for ChristmasThere is one other aspect of the Christmas to do list that you may overlook though, when it comes to visiting family, are some of your relatives going to want to stay for a day or so? Whether it’s a planned visit, or simply a case of your Uncle Bob having a few too sherries and needing a bed to sleep it off, creating a guest bedroom in time for Christmas is something that the vast majority of us should be adding to our own lists.

Of course, the idea of creating a guest bedroom with Christmas looming just around the corner can be frankly terrifying, but fear not! A guest bedroom might not be as difficult as you may think.

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare bedroom, which can be transformed, making it guest worthy is incredibly simple. Now, for those of us that have a spare room, it usually becomes the dumping ground for all our spare belongs, such as that exercise bike we ambitiously bought last January and all our secret Christmas gifts.

Clearing out a spare room will only take a day or weekend at most, and by transforming it back into its former bedroom glory, you need not compromise on storage space either. Investing in an Ottoman storage bed will give you the best of both worlds, with a beautiful and comfortable bed for your guests and a large area of storage within the bed. Once cleared, just give the room a quick lick of paint to freshen it up and feel free to decorate it in a festive manner with warm colours, cosy blankets and Christmas ornaments for the furniture. As for that exercise bike, if you don’t have anywhere else like a garage to store it, simply add a little tinsel to make it look festive!

For those of you without a spare room, though, there are still plenty of options. For one, you can try to pair up the kids, or bring your kids in with you. Folding beds are reasonably priced and can be jazzed up with sheets and cushions to look more like a guest room.

Failing that, you really can never beat a blow-up mattress that can be put up in your living room before bed. Now keep in mind, on Christmas night, many of us won’t be entirely capable of putting this together, so plan well in advance. On Christmas eve, get the mattress blown up, add a sheet and prepare a quilt and cushions. The mattress can be stored on its side and brought though come bed time. Although this is a less than ideal option, you can always opt for sleeping downstairs yourself and give your room to your guests, that way when the kids wake up at an extremely unsociable hour, you don’t need to worry about your guests getting disturbed.

Whatever option you go for, try not to stress too much over the details – you’ll have enough to worry about as it is!