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Buying a pillow these days can be a minefield. There are so many to choose from that it is not always easy to identify the best one for you. The correct pillow is as important as sleeping on the right mattress. You don’t want to wake up with a crick in your neck, so how do you know which the best pillow is for you.

Although we all toss and turn during the night, we generally know which position we spend most of the time whilst asleep.

Side Sleepers

Snuggledown-Side-Sleeper-PillowSide sleepers are the most common. We sell 4 side sleeeper pillows to every one back or front. A deep filled firm pillow is what you need if you tend to sleep on your side. This provides the uplift needed for correct spinal alignment and will give suitable neck and shoulder support.

Front Sleeper

Front sleepers should go for a soft pillow, which will give gentle support. These are the type that you scrunch up and bury your head in. Most people will find them too soft to use on there own. However a super soft goose down pillow on top of a medium firm pillow provides the right support for a side sleeper.

Back Sleeper

A medium fill pillow will give improved neck support and is ideal if you usually sleep on your back. stock Snuggledown’s side sleeper, back sleeper and front sleeper pillows. These luxurious pillows are covered in a 100% cotton cover with piped edges and filled with polyester clusterfibre. Well priced, they’re a sensible alternative to some of the more expensive options around. We know you’ll enjoy a great night on a Snuggledown pillow that’s been designed for the way you sleep.