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bed sale now onBig Brand Beds online Sale of adjustable beds, bed frames, beds on legs and headboards is now in full swing. We have our best ever offers with huge discounts on divan beds from many of our leading suppliers including Myer’s, Relyon, Sealy, Slumberland, Staples and Stuart Jones. However some of these offers are only available until 1 January 2013.

Time is running out. You only have 5 days to make that all important decision, if you are to take advantage of one of our great sale beds. You need to make sure your orders are in for any beds, divan beds, adjustable beds or mattresses that have an End 1 Jan flash.

Don't miss this great opportunity to make savings as never before on some of Big Brand Beds best selling beds and mattresses.

If you need a new bed or mattress now really is the time to buy and make big genuine savings. Our family have been trading in Sussex for 130 years, so we know a thing or two about bed sales and mattress sales.

It is not our policy to artifically inflate the price of our beds and mattresses and then show great half price beds offers or half price mattress offers.

Some of the following bed and mattress offers end on 1 January 2013

up to 15% off Myers divan beds and Myers mattresses

up to 15% off Relyon divan beds and Relyon mattresses

up to 20% off all Sealy divan beds and Sealy mattresses

up to 15% off Slumberland divan beds and Slumberland mattresses

20% off selected Staples divan beds and Staples mattresses

So what are you waiting for? Some offers end on 1 January and with Big Brand Beds unrivalled service and experience, you should be confident in buying from us.