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Sale-Starts-in-7-Days-300By now you’re probably feeling pretty organised for Christmas. All the presents are wrapped, the food is ordered ready to be collected on Christmas Eve and you’ve managed to recover from the hand cramp you got after writing 40-odd Christmas cards to aunts you’ve never met. You’ve even stocked the cupboards with enough mince pies and Quality Street to feed a small army. In fact, there’s so many that no one would miss it if a few went missing…

Now you’re four mince pies down and you’ve successfully picked all the purple and green ones out the Quality Street tin. You’ve even washed it all down with copious amounts of Baileys. You’re feeling sick and already fantasising about New Year resolutions and creating that ‘new you’.

Well we have the perfect New Year’s resolution for getting yourself to becoming that new shiny you. It’s all about improving your bedroom health! That is, with a brand new bed. January is all about taking care of yourself and embarking on a nice body detox. But all the greens and all the squats in the world won’t turn you into an Olympic athlete if your body isn’t getting a good dose of sleep every night.  You need 6-8 hours of good quality sleep a night in order to function at your full potential the following day. And, most likely, your bed and mattress has seen better days.

What you really need is a bedroom makeover. A new bed, new mattress and new relaxing colours on the wall to celebrate the new Zen you. Plus this is the perfect excuse to make your room look utterly gorgeous – all in the aid of being healthy! Think a big wooden frame for that opulent feel or a divan with an exquisite headboard for extra luxury. Then you just need to top it off with a lovely new mattress. Perhaps a nice memory foam mattress for extra comfort that will send you off into the best sleep you’ve had since Halloween when you realised Christmas was just around the corner.

Now you’re probably thinking it’s just after Christmas, how could you possibly afford a new bed? Well you can with our fabulous savings! Our extravaganza of a sale is starting this Boxing Day and all our best brands will have their prices slashed including:

  • Hypnos
  • Myers
  • Relyon
  • Sealy
  • Slumberland
  • Silentnight
  • Staples

So when the whole family are feeling sick from all the turkey and chocolate, you can feel smug in the knowledge that you’re shopping for the new, healthy you while making exceptional savings. So really it’s two New Year’s resolution in one as you’re taking care of your body and spending less money. It’s rather exciting really… best put it in the calendar – just 7 days to go! Bet none of your friends are this prepared for New Years. Plus now that you’ve planned being healthy in January you can get back to those Quality Street guilt-free. After-all, you’ve still got all the red ones to get through too.