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Our Opulence and Dreamtime brands are regarded as the leading innovators in memory foam, in a highly competitive market place. We work with the largest manufacturer of fire retardants in the world, with an exclusive contract for the application of our products.

Our latest launch is our Anti-Bacterial range incorporating Ultra Fresh; an all encompassing Visco Elastic antimicrobial bedding revolution, which includes a range of pillows and mattress toppers. We have developed distinct brands under our memory foam bedding sector, appealing to a range of consumers depending on their needs. We aim to be highly innovative, and functional in all of our ranges

Anti Bacterial– incorporating Ultra-Fresh technology which actively controls house dust mites, bacteria and fungi that harbour in bedding resulting in a cleaner, healthier sleeping environment. Effective antibacterial and antifungal protection. Resists the growth of odour causing bacteria. Provides around the clock freshness. Effective anti dust mite protection. Ultrafresh will provide effective control of house dust mites which have been proven to be a scientific trigger for Asthma, Hay fever, Rhinitis and Exzema.

The self ventilating open cell structure of our foam dissipates body heat and perspiration making a cooler, less stuffy sleeping experience on our pillows or mattress toppers

Ultimate’s factories are of the highest standard with the flexibility to produce bespoke ranges at high volumes whilst still ensuring consistency and quality in production.

Our partnerships with these factories also brings economies of scale ensuring the lowest prices on all our pillows and mattress toppers for our customers.

We can ensure all our memory foam meets standards in being fire retardant to the highest standards.

Our memory foam is produced as a patented fire retardant. This is the only product available that is guaranteed to fire retard visco-elastic foam consistency to BS5852 standard.

Some other memory foam distributors use fire retardants which give inconsistent results and also impair the performance of the product.

Ultimate also employs extensive quality control procedures to provide full traceability from finished product to the block it came from. All blocks are fully tested by the leading independent laboratory in China